EOI B1 Inglés Speaking Exam

Survival guides to support your EOI exam preparation

The Inglés Málaga EOI survival guides will help you pass the Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas (EOI) English exams without the aid of prescription medication or magic mushrooms. It´s true, even if you have a great level, the EOI speaking exam is very difficult to pass.

Using our digital guides will:

  1. Keep you focused on the essential stuff
  2. Help you to improve your exam technique
  3. Give you exam-ready sentences to copy & adapt
  4. Save you time so you can catch up on your fave Netflix series

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What is the EOI exam?

EOI official speaking exams are divided into two tasks.

  1. The mental monólogo: Individual presentation
  2. The diabolical diálogo: Roleplay between 2/3 people

Warning: The Spanish Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas (EOI) exams change from region to region. Our guides are based on the EOI official exams in Andalusia. Before you buy, please check your exam.

Official speaking exam & assessment criteria:

  1. EOI B1 Assessment Criteria Speaking
  2. EOI B1 Example Speaking Exam

Digital Survival Guides:


  1. Building Blocks Guía – pdf
  2. Diálogo Guía Práctica – pdf
  3. Diálogo Tutorial-How to develop a dialogue – pdf
  4. Monólogo Guía with audio (mp3) & transcript (pdf)

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EOI B1: The Building Blocks Guide:

Build a strong foundation for both exam tasks

A 15-page pdf reference guide, useful for speaking & writing exams.

  1. Exam-ready sentences for you to copy and adapt
  2. Example sentence demonstrating the key grammatical structures required for the level
  3. Example sentences to express general ideas & personal opinions
  4. A list of useful vocabulary, expressions & idioms
  5. A list of useful connectors & adverbial phrases

Take a sneak peek: B1 EOI Building Blocks Guia Sneak Peek 2023

EOI B1: The Diálogo Guía

This 23-page practical guide gives you the knowledge, techniques and tools required to pass the EOI diálogo exam task. In one document you have the essentials.

 Complete exam-ready sentences to:

  1. Start a dialogue for formal and informal situations
  2. Express general ideas and personal opinions
  3. Give advice and make suggestions
  4. Ask questions
  5. Agree and disagree with ideas and suggestions
  6. Persuade and make compromises
  7. Finish a dialogue by negotiating an agreement

Guide includes:

  1. A roadmap to develop an effective exam technique
  2. A complete exam-ready model dialogue
  3. A dialogue template to plan and develop different exam questions
  4. A list of useful connectors
  5. A list of useful discourse markers and adverbial phrases

Take a sneak peek: B1 EOI Guia Dialogo Sneak Peek 2023

EOI B1: The Diálogo Tutorial – How to develop a dialogue

A 72-slide tutorial giving you step-by-step on how to plan & develop a dialogue for the EOI speaking exam.

The tutorial includes:

  1. One completed dialogue demonstrating how to start, interact with your partner, and how to finish
  2. Colour-coded sentences demonstrating the assessment criteria (grammar, vocabulary, linkers, cohesion, discourse markers)

Sneak peek: B1 EOI Dialogo Tutorial Places to live Sneak Peek 2023

EOI B1: The Monólogo Guide

Guide includes:

  1. Exam-ready recorded presentation/ monólogo: audio (mp3) & transcript (pdf)
  2. Advice on how to plan & develop an exam-ready monólogo
  3. Colour-coded sentences demonstrating the assessment criteria (grammar, vocabulary, linkers, cohesion, discourse markers)

Sample Monólogos:

Listen to a sneak preview:

1 EOI B1:2 Holiday & Travel Experiences

2 EOI B1:2 TV Habits (streaming TV)

3 EOI B1:2 Diet & Health

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1: B1 EOI Survival Guide Box.

  1. The Building Blocks Guide – pdf: 4.50€
  2. The Diálogo Guía  – pdf: 4.50€
  3. The Diálogo Tutorial – How to develop a dialogue -pdf: 2.50€
  4. The Monólogo Guide x3  – audio mp3 & transcript pdf : 2.00€ per monólogo
  5. Positive vibes & good vibrations

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    1. B1 Building Blocks
    2. B1 Diálogo Guía
    3. B1 EOI Diálogo Tutorial – Places to live
    4. B1 Monólogo: Travel and Holiday Experiences
    5. B1 Monólogo: TV Habits
    6. B1 Monólogo: Diet and Health

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