Janette’s over the moon

Olympic MedalsJanette is over the moon: Juan passed his Cambridge exam and Team GB have overtaken China.  Today is a delicious day!

The Olympics come once every 4 years and we should all bow down in awe at every competitor who made it to the Games.  Only a handful of people truly understand what it means to be an Olympic athlete and I am inspired.

Team GB, Team Spain and Team O’Carroll have medals!

ocarroll olympics 2016Unfortunately, the Rio 2016 Olympics started under a fog of controversial issues: the doping allegations against the Russian Olympic team, the spread of the life-threatening Zika virus, a political scandal and an economic slump.  On the contrary, the traditional O’Carroll Olympic Games started with our favourite summer drinks: chilled white wine, and Pimms and lemonade.  The weather was glorious and the battle to stand on the podium with a gold medal was fierce.   I won gold at croquet but unfortunately was disqualified in my other event. So, none of my family are athletes, but thankfully, all of us are good sports and amazingly talented at being childish and stupid!

Enjoy the real Olympics!

August: The 3 Must-Dos

Rio Olympics 2016August is the perfect month to chill out and recharge your batteries.  However, so as not to allow your English level to get rusty, I would recommend that you:

  1. Follow and feel the passion and heartache of the Rio Olympics 2016
  2. Check out the 50 reasons why you should love the world and do. everything you can to work less and explore the world more.
  3. Feed the film buff in you, crack out the popcorn, and watch the top August cinema releases of 2016.

To make a pig’s ear of something!

Make a pig's ear“Make a pig’s ear of something” means “to do something badly”.

For example: As I am not a very practical person and definitely lack basic d.i.y skills, I always make a pig’s ear of painting, decorating, fixing the washing machine, hanging  pictures and assembling anything that I might have bought from Ikea.  How about you, what do you make a pig’s ear of?


A heart to heart!

heart to heartA Heart to heart is a sincere and intimate conversation.

For example,  I’m worried that my co-worker is abusing illegal drugs so I’m going to have a heart to heart with him tonight because taking drugs is against the law.

Turn on the oven Janette. No way casanova!

turn oven onAs many of you know I can’t stand cooking, and, as a result of this extreme loathing, I often have to phone a friend to ask for advice about how to turn the oven on.

So, last weekend, after phoning a friend,  I tried to bake gluten-free banana bread. During this extremely stressful and wine-free process, I broke my kitchen smoke alarm,  smashed a glass bowl and after 2 hours of watching my bread do nothing in the oven I had to feed it to the disgusting rats and pidgins that are living in my square.  As there is a strong likelihood that I’ve killed all these creatures, I’m going to email the local council to ask them to put pest control on red alert.

baking disasterSuffice it to say, I am never, ever, going to turn my oven on again.  It’s a complete waste of time, money and energy.  Forget ‘dial a pizza’, where is the ‘dial a gluten-free cake shop’?  OMG, I’m seriously, sooooooooooooo down in the dumps!

To have a lot on your plate

to have a lot on my plateTo have a lot on your plate means: to have a lot of things to do”. For example: Sorry, I can’t go clubbing with you tonight because I have a lot on my plate right now.


The ozone hole

Environment Ozone Layer


Better take up running!

The Internet Opinion


Hearts not hate

love and hearts