Foodies: BBC 6 minute podcasts

Many in the UK describe themselves as ‘foodies’, but do they really know about food? Listen to the BBC 6 minute podcast, and find out  the answer.


Who needs a manbag?

What are fashionable men carrying these days? The BBC takes a look inside the trend for a manbag accessory. Improve your listening comprehension while getting to grips with this growing fashion and big bucks industry.

Malaga Film Festival for film buffs

”Since 1998, the city of Malaga in Andalusia has hosted this festival dedicated to showcasing and promoting Spanish film.

Every year the festival includes feature-length and short films and documentaries in Spanish. Malaga is transformed into a centre for debate and a meeting point for figures in the film industry, as well as a platform for showcasing a wide range of productions. Besides paying homage to various professionals from the industry, film cycles, exhibitions and parallel activities are also organised. It’s is a good opportunity to get to know Malaga, an open and cultural city.”

Fancy expanding your cinema and vocabulary? OK, check out the film section.

Film buff

A film buff describes a person who is very interested in, and knowledgeable about films and cinema. Are you a film buff, or more beach bum?

Forget gin – drink whiskey!

I can´t stand gin, and really don´t get why so many people drink gin and tonic.

So, this spring, forget gin, and drink whiskey.  My drink of the month is whiskey and ginger.  Give it a shot; I can guarantee you will never drink a gin and tonic again.

Calling all music lovers!

If you do one new thing this April, then I would strongly recommend that you go and see a band at The Clarence Jazz Club. 

I went the other week with some mates, and had a complete blast. So, I know Jazz has a reputation for attracting pretentious people, who rub their chins, wear cool hats, and pontificate about the meaning of life.  However, diversity is definitely the spice of life, and thankfully there were lots of different types of people at the gig.  Consequently, if you fancy listening to a band, and you want to contribute to the preservation of our musical culture, then don´t delay, check out The Clarence Jazz Club in Málaga, you will not be disappointed!

The arts: why is it not valued in a capitalist society?

What is the purpose of art?  Well, according to the Ted Talks speaker, Hadi Eldebeck: ”The arts brings meaning to life, it is the spirit of our culture, it brings people together, and it´s a force of creativity and social cohesion.”

And yet, despite this undeniable truth, why do we invest so little in the arts? Why are artists valued so poorly? And, why do we actively discourage people from developing careers in the arts?

Improve your listening comprehension by listening to Hadi´s presentation.  And don´t worry if you think the level will be too difficult, there are spanish subtitles that you can turn on, or turn off.

Linked In is more than a professional networking site

Linked In is a professional online networking tool that allows you to connect with similar professionals across the globe as well as generate business, and for the jobseeker, it can be a very useful resource.

However, I usually connect to get a good brain shake.  Linked In is a great place to challenge your ideas and opinions, and to learn new things about trade, business and innovation.

If you´re tempted, why not check out a CEO´s opinion about leadership?



Get involved: Walk, jog or run to support cancer prevention

Race for Life is the UK’s biggest women-only charity fundraising event. It brings together women and girls from all over the UK to walk, jog or run 5 or 10 kilometers to raise money in order to:

  1. Increase awareness about cancer
  2. Support cancer research
  3. Help cancer patients and their families
  4. Subsidise clinical trials
  5. Support preventative measures
  6. Lobby governments and politicians

Do you want to get involved? If so, why not join me and thousands of other women and girls on Sunday April the 22nd in Málaga.  It costs 8 euros and the distance is 4 kilometers, so, even if running isn´t your cup of tea, you can walk the distance and do something to help the billions of people who are affected by this disease.  To sign up, click this link.