Matching young people’s skills to job market needs

If you are interested in education, then you should read about this project.

SMART – Skill Matching for Regional Development – created processes and tools to match jobs with the educational opportunities available to young people, and help shape the local job market.

The last few years have seen many young people in the autonomous community of Andalusia in Spain having to leave the area to find work relevant to their educational background. Many jobs in the area require skills that simply aren’t provided by Spanish universities.

A project called SMART was designed to try and address these challenges, by creating processes and tools to help educational institutes and businesses match skills to jobs.

Pablo Morales, project coordinator explained how funding from the EU helped the SMART project to get underway.” Source:  European Commission. Pablo Morales

Want to read more about this great project? Click here.


Mindfulness: 6 minute BBC Podcasts

Mindfulness is in vogue, however, will it stand the test of time, I ask?

Furthermore, how can this ideology, or set of principles be used in our private and professional lives?  Well, listen to Neil and Catherine who explore mindfulness.  They explain what it is, and what the potential benefits are. As a person who was expelled from a Buddhist retreat in Nepal, I have to say that I´d prefer a bottle of white wine before doing the SNACK mindful thing.


Rubbish means waste material.  In other words, refuse or litter, or all the stuff that you throw out, donate or recycle.

Well, San Juan produced a lot of rubbish! So, a big shout out this morning to Limasa who cleaned up the beaches and the surrounding areas.  Thank you, spectacular job!

Verano ofertas: Inglés Málaga Intensivos

What do Inglés Málaga clients say about us? Well, read a few testimonials and you´ll get a good idea.

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Bonfires, good luck and Mr San Juan

In Spain, the summer officially starts with the night of Mr San Juan.  Historically speaking, I have no idea about the origins of this festival or if it means anything significant.  What I do know, however, is that it´s a great event to spend the night on the beach, let your hair down and go swimming under the moon and  stars.

EOI English B2 Exam Success: Congratulations Isabel and Fran!

I started the week with a massive smile on my face, but I have ended the working week feeling like a kid in toy shop.

Forget calm and congratulate Isabel and Fran on passing their B2 EOI English exams.

I am chuffed to bits for you!

So, what do Inglés Málaga clients say about us? Well, read a few testimonials and you´ll get a good idea.

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What should I drink when it´s boiling hot?

What, something alcohol-free!  Indisputably, that´s not a serious suggestion, is it?

Ok, some friends sent me an SMS with the following suggestions:

  1. A Jamie Oliver Cosmopolitan
  2. A James Bond Vesper
  3. A white wine spritzer
  4. A fuzzy or pierced navel

Remember that I´m hopeless in the kitchen so which of the above do you think is, by far, the easiest to make?

What should I do when it´s boiling hot?

The summer is here, and OMG, it´s boiling hot. It´s definitely the season to hang up your trainers, throw on your bikini, dust off your cool box and spend as much time as possible at the beach.

Ok, if you aren´t a beach bum, don´t worry, you can take advantage of the outdoor summer cinema festival.

To take advantage of something

To take advantage of something means to use an opportunity to achieve results, sometimes in an unfair way.

For example, the Spanish academic year is nearly over so my advice to all teachers is to take advantage of your pupil-free days, stop taking prescription drugs to get you through the day, and start recharging your batteries with some serious dance moves and Jason Derulo.


Will Smith says it´s summer time: Get jiggy with it.

Inglés Málaga community, it´s practically summer and it´s time to practise your moves and shakes.

Come on: Get Jiggy With It!