English Snack Time

Take an office break & snack on English for employee happiness & business growth

You are the type of successful and progressive company which understands that happy employees make productive and innovative workplaces.  You use English in your day-to-day operations, and perhaps you already provide traditional Business English classes to ensure company growth, and support employee professional development.

However, why not get your employees away from their desks and inject some fun and agile creative thinking into the way they use English? The Inglés Málaga English Snack Time programme is a great way to do it.

What is English Snack Time?

English Snack Time is a varied programme of team-based activities, and quick fun office games which are designed to encourage employees to interact and communicate in English in a fun way. The training idea is based on research that indicates short, regular training is usually more effective for business needs than traditional training models. English Snack Time activities are facilitated by professional English trainers with industry experience.

Example games & activities based on 4 standard formats:

1. Information share & exchange

Based on traditional board & card games:

  • Solve crimes & catch criminals (Cluedo)
  • Become property tycoons (Monopoly)
  • Word rappers (Taboo)

2. Problem Solving Activities

Based on popular TV shows:

  • Break out of jail (Prison Break)
  • Desert island survival (Survival)
  • Crime scene detectives (CSI)

3. Role Playing Games

Based on TV reality shows & radio phone-ins

  • Speed interviews (First Dates)
  • Talent casting (The X Factor)
  • Advice & recommendations

4. Debate & Discussion. Pitch & Present Activities

Based on panel discussion TV formats:

  1. Work-related issues
  2. Social issues
  3. Personal dilemmas

Immediate Business Benefits:

Improve English speaking skills:

  1. Ask & answer questions
  2. Discuss problems & negotiate solutions
  3. Pitch ideas & express opinions
  4. Debate issues & speculate
  5. Give advice & make recommendations
  6. Fluency, pronunciation & self-confidence

Improve other work-required competencies:

  1. Increase team collaboration & competition
  2. Encourage creative & lateral thinking
  3. Support critical thinking & problem solving
  4. Increase adaptability, concentration & time management
  5. Reduce stress, boost motivation, & improve company engageme


English Snack Time activities are time-efficient as they are delivered in-company at a time convenient for you and your employees.

How long do they last?

English Snack Time activities can last from 60 to 120 minutes depending on the number of participants, the activity, and your specific requirements.

Flexible & Adaptable:

We can develop bespoke activities to emphasise and reinforce your core values and company culture. We can design custom-built games to address your company´s English language communication issues.  We can adapt activities to suit the English level of your employees, the time constraints of your workplace, and the number of participants.

English Snack Time can compliment traditional English classes, or work as an alternative method to support English language improvement.

The Costs:

Costs vary depending on the activities and the number of participants. However, depending on your company, English Snack Time should be tax deductible.

Next Steps?

Complete the contact form and we can get the ball rolling.

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