Lesson Plans

Lesson plans for trainers & teachers who teach EFL/ESL for business contexts to adults, students & mature teens

The Focus:

  • Engage & motivate people working in modern international environments across different business departments & sectors as well as students and mature teens who are bored by textbooks. B2+ level
  • Support learners to communicate effectively in business situations with a high level of fluency and confidence
  • Strengthen knowledge about basic business principles
  • Challenges/ tasks are developed to add value to the language improvement experience by improving creative and lateral thinking as well as encouraging collaborative teamwork

Why they work:

  • Already tested with target learners. Reviews
  • Topic-focused vocabulary and functional grammar are blended into purposeful interactive challenges to facilitate clear and precise communication.
  • Listening & reading comprehension challenges are taken from real-world sources
  • Materials are editable to suit your requirements

The benefits

  • Save time- the donkey work has been done
  • Suitable for online & physical learning environments
  • No one size fits all – editable materials to suit the needs of your learners
  • Detailed lesson plans – learning aims clearly linked to practical activities
  • Activities easy to adapt to run as bite-sized micro-learning sessions

Additional Info

  • Activities designed for large and small groups. Adaptable for pairs & one-to-one learning
  • Style & tone reflect a dynamic, ‘non-corporate’ business culture – adapt to suit your requirements
  • Editable resources with author attribution. Licence does not allow re-distribution, resales, or use for any commercial purposes
  • Timings: Variable – pick & mix the challenges – adapt to suit your course

Shark Tank: Pitch Business Product

Lesson Plan Overview:

The Shark Tank– Pitch a Business Product uses the internationally recognised Reality TV show The Shark Tank as the backstory to support learners to improve their pitching and public speaking skills. Learners develop the target language by taking part in a series of training challenges to achieve their mission

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