Clients of Inglés Málaga represent a broad range of companies, industries, and sectors.  We are proud to continually support talented individuals who work in sectors such as education, tourism, law, healthcare, construction, and design.  As well as supporting those who innovate, challenge and develop the ever-changing world of research, technology and digital communications.

Los clientes de Inglés Málaga dicen:

Exams Clinic & EOI Survival Tutorials & Guides

  • Muy agradecido por sus excelentes productos que nos ofrecen una inigualable ayuda. ¡Enhorabuena!  Siga con su buen trabajo. Estaré pendiente de las próximas novedades. ¡Cuídese!
  • Janette, Thanks for your help. I got 12/15 for my Trinity ISE III speaking
  • Hi Janette. I have exciting news to tell you: I passed my exam and I´m so pleased because of your help
  • I have passed my C2. 9.75 in speaking! Thanks
  • Janette, I have passed the C2. Thank you soooooooo much for all your help. I got 7.50 in the speaking part.

Cursos Hecho a medida

  • I have passed my B2. Much of my success I owe to you. Without you, I would not have been able. Thank you very much!
  • I contacted Janette to prepare an official exam and she designed a personally adapted working plan. I have learned very effective techniques to face the exam and I improved my English knowledge and skills. The classes are very productive and the time flies since it is a really fun time. Janette is an amazing teacher.
  • I really enjoyed the classes they were very interactive and focused on the essential things, unlike other academies. Without a shadow of a doubt, I would choose to work with Janette as it makes your time and effort worthy.
  • Classes were very dynamic, and interactive. I have acquired the necessary skills to pass the C1 certificate exam. In addition, they were adjusted to our needs, unlike other academies, so working with Janette was very practical and time-efficient.
  • Hi Janette, How are you? I´m over the moon because I passed my Oposiciones. I´ve become a civil servant. I just want to share this with you as you helped me a lot. Thank you!
  • Thanks Janette. I passed my APTIS exam. Now, you can feel proud of me.
  • Hi Janette, Thank you for helping me to prepare for my Marketing Communicator job interview in English. As a result of the classes, I am more confident with my communication skills and feel better prepared to describe my work history and professional aspirations, as well as give short work-related presentations.  I am also much better prepared for job interviews in general. Thank you I have learnt a lot. You are spectacular!
  • Hi Janette! The job in Jamaica is mine! Thanks.

In-Company English

  • Noemi Botella: HR Manager. Freepik Company. We´ve never had such great feedback. The guys are really happy with the dynamic classes and the 1-to-1 evaluation clinics. You are the best!
  • I have really enjoyed my time in the classes as you are a great trainer and a fantastic person.
  • Thanks for your enthusiasm every morning. Your classes are very dynamic and it´s due to you being a powerful trainer.
  • Thank YOU for making our classes a great riot! 😊
  • Thanks for your support. Loved the online class!
  • You are a great teacher, the best I have ever known. And I have met many, believe me!
  • Woo, thank you for your encouragement😊 We actually have a lot of fun in your classes!



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