Cursos inglés

Train with Inglés Málaga & stand out from the crowd

1: Kick-Start 5-day Intensive

Kick-start your EOI inglés speaking exam preparation with a 5-day 10-hour online intensive course.

2: Made to Measure

Suitable for adults who want to improve their language skills for professional, social or personal reasons.  If you are preparing for an official exam: Cambridge, Trinity or EOI, this is the course for you. If you only want exam practice. For exam practice, check out our Exam Clinics.

3: English Language Coach

For adults who want to be in the driving seat. You bring the topics, we help you steer. B2+ level

4: Speed Dial 30

30-minute 1-1 English conversation by phone. Overcome your phone phobia!  Designed to help you to speak more fluently and confidently by improving your listening comprehension, pronunciation and vocabulary.

5: EOI speaking exam B1, B2, C1, C2

No time to have classes to prepare for the EOI speaking exam. No problem, we’ve got your back! Save time and effort by using our EOI speaking survival guides. We’ve done the donkey work so you can focus on the essential stuff. 

6: Exam Clinic 1-1

Exam practice to ace your speaking exam. Trinity, Cambridge, EOI.

7: Snack on Ted Talks

Improve speaking skills, listening comprehension and vocab with inspirational videos. Limited spaces for maximum practice. B2+ level


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