Cursos inglés

Train with Inglés Málaga & stand out from the crowd

1: Curso: Hecho a la Medida

Para adultos que quieren mejorar su inglés para razones profesionales, personales o sociales. Exam preparation courses: Cambridge, Trinity & Escuela oficiales de idiomas: standard & intensive programmes. Or, check out our Exam Clinics if you only want exam practise.

  • Hecho a la medida: Evalúa tu nivel, analiza tus objetivos, desarrolla un plan para alcanzarlos
  • More information: 2021 IM hecho a la medida

2: Curso: English Language Coach

For adults who want to be in the driving seat

3: EOI inglés speaking exam B1, B2, C1, C2

No time for classes? No problem!

4: Curso: Snack on TedTalks

Suitable for adults B2+

  • Focus on improving speaking skills, listening comprehension, and expanding your use of vocabulary & expressions
  • Online or face-to-face
  • Limited spaces for maximum practise
  • More information: Snack on Ted

5: Exam Clinic 1-1

  • Want to pass your official English language speaking exam but need exam practise? 
  • Book an online 60-minute exam clinic with a qualified examiner


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