Playing games

Everyone knows that learning English is hard work & time-consuming. However, it doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, playing games is a fun way to improve your skills & meet new people. So, why not join a group Inglés Málaga games event?

  1. Inglés Málaga: Crime Scene Investigation-Málaga: Trainee Detectives
  2. Inglés Málaga: Speed Dating
  3. Inglés Málaga:Property Tycoon
  4. Inglés Málaga: Sherlock Holmes P.I.
  5. Inglés Málaga: Pasapalabra Twister
  6. Inglés Málaga: Cluedo Suspects

In-company games programme

Company talent & business teams need to use English in different situations.  Employees often need to think on their feet and be adaptable.  In many cases traditional programmes don´t work well, so why not use the Inglés Málaga in-company English snack time programme to feed your English language requirements?

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