Introductions – Who are you?

Lesson Plan Overview:

Introductions – Who are you? uses the internationally recognised Big Brother reality TV show as the backstory to encourage participants to talk about themselves. Learners develop the target language by taking part in a series of casting interviews in order to enter the Big Brother house.

Mission Aims

  1. To  get access to a special house
  2. To understand and follow instructions

Training Challenges:

  1. Express ideas about personal information
  2. Develop interview questions
  3. Talk about themselves and interview others
  4. Interview and introduce others

Target Language:

  1. Structures to ask and answer questions
  2. Expressions and phrases to describe who you are

Perfect for:

  1. Adults and business professionals with B1+ English level
  2. In-company, groups, pairs and (1-to-1 with adjustments)
  3. Online and physical learning environments
  4. All business cultures as materials editable
  5. Teaching style and tone – dynamic, modern non-corporate feel

Training Pack Includes:

  1. Trainer lesson plan with aims and target language .doc
  2. Trainer notes and script .doc
  3. PowerPoint slides –(Google Slides friendly).pttx
  4. Slides presentation

General overview:

  1. Why lessons work and the benefits for you!

Payment Options:

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