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Inglés Málaga Cluedo Suspects is a murder mystery game which will help improve your English speaking skills. You will practise asking and answering questions, improve your vocabulary, develop fluency and self-confidence, and ensure that at least one murderer is off the streets of Málaga.

Everyone suspects you. But, did you really do it? You are convinced that you were nowhere near the hall. Moreover, you have never even laid an eyeball on Miss Scarlet. And, as you are a little bit twisted, your weapon of choice would certainly have been a rope.

Do you have the investigative skills, deductive powers and linguistic abilities to work out the clues, solve the murder, and prove your innocence?

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be an Inglés Málaga Cluedo Suspect, and you want to improve your English communication skills in an entertaining way, then, why not take part in the Inglés Málaga Cluedo Suspect event?

Required English Level:  Every game will be adapted to suit different levels.  Minimum B1.

Number of participants: Between 3 and 4.

Day & Time: Fridays . Times: Mornings / Afternoons / Evenings

Event Duration: 75 minutes.

Location: Torremolinos, Málaga

CostEarly Bird Promotional Discount: 10per person.  Additional 25% discount if you bring a friend and you are, or have been an Inglés Málaga client / student. Valid for your first Inglés Málaga Games Event.

What do I do now?
To apply to be an Inglés Málaga Cluedo Suspect, please complete the following contact form, and we will email you back as soon as possible. Or, email Janette, senior police officer:


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