Cursos English Snack on Ted

What is Snack on Ted?

Snack on Ted is a two-week programme of four 75 minute classes. Perfect for adults with a minimum B2 English level who want to improve their English language speaking skills.

Snack on Ted is designed to improve all aspects of oral communication by using real-world video or audio to stimulate conversation about different topics with other English language learners.

Snack on Ted is delivered by a native English speaker

The Benefits:

By participating in Snack on Ted you will improve:

  • Your ability to speak more confidently and fluently
  • Your ability to express ideas and opinions clearly
  • Your knowledge of, and use of vocabulary and expressions
  • Your knowledge of, and use of useful structures
  • Your listening comprehension to follow and participate in conversations
  • Your pronunciation and intonation in order to sound more natural and fluent

The Must-Knows:

  • Required English Level:  Adults, minimum level B2+
  • Number of participants: Between two and four
  • Attendance & duration: Two classes a week for two consecutive weeks. Total hours: five
  • Days: Mondays & Wednesdays, or Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • Times: Morning or afternoon programme
  • Location: Two pathways: Online face-to-face ( Meet / Zoom) or Physical face-to-face Torremolinos city

Additional Information:

  • Complete the form below to register your interest
  • No cancellations or class recuperations
  • Not designed for exam preparation, but useful for people who are preparing for the advanced level speaking exams: Cambridge, Trinity, Escuela Oficial de Idiomas

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