SPEAKING CHALLENGE : Fancy Dress and Technology

Imagine you are going to a fancy dress party and you have been asked to wear a costume which represents an outdated piece of technology that you have fond memories of. Prepare a two minute presentation describing your chosen piece of technology and explain the reason for your choice.

Do you need some inspiration? Well, I would go dressed up as a rotary phone. A what?
rotary phonesOk, I know that I don’t have a smart phone and all that swishing and sliding that most people do when they use their mobile brings me out in a rash, not to mention the constant ping, ping, and ping, ping of text messages, Facebook messages and WhatsApp messages which give me a migraine. I also understand that most people think I’m a technological moron. However, I nearly fell off my chair from shock when I watched this video. Most of the kids on this video had never seen a rotary phone before, they had no idea how to use one and more importantly they couldn’t understand the concept of not being able to write and send an SMS.
kids react to rotary phonesOMG, I feel SO old!  Having said that, it’s hilarious! My favourite part is when they all try and make a phone call. If you do one thing today, check out this video and laugh your pants off!



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