Cursos English Snack on Ted

What is Snack on Ted?

Snack on Ted is a two-week programme of four 90 minute classes. Perfect for adults with a minimum B2 English level who want to improve their English language speaking skills. Online pathway and face-to-face. Small groups for more speaking practise.

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Verano Inglés – Snack on TED

Be inspired during the hot summer months

Inglés Málaga is inspired by TedTalks – you will be too.

verano cursos ingles onlineCurso: Snack on Ted

Suitable for adults B2+ level

  1. Focus on improving speaking skills, listening comprehension, and useful phrases and vocabulary
  2. Online or face-to-face (Málaga City)
  3. Limited spaces for maximum practise
  4. More information

Improve your English level with the must-do sign up websites


  1. All About .com English as a Second Language: To sign up for daily emails on grammar and vocabulary tips, click here:ESL Daily Email
  2. All About .com English as a Second Language: To sign up for a weekly email on a variety of topics, click here: ESL Weekly Email Please note: the place to subscribe is in the top, left hand corner of the webpage.
  3. Splendid Speaking: This resource is great for Intermediate –  Advanced learners. Sign up for weekly challenges.
  4. The Conversation: For advanced learners this website is brilliant to improve your vocabulary and review grammatical structure in context.

For more support, please view the Link In section of the Inglés Málaga site.

EOI B2 & C1 Summer Success Stories: Well done Inma & Cristina!

While most people were at the beach sunbathing, or avoiding jellyfish, Cristina and Inma were busy preparing to resit their EOI exams.  Passing an exam requires effort and determination, an effective exam strategy, and a lot of practice. Consequently, I´m on cloud 9 to say that both Cristina and Inma passed their exams. It´s time to celebrate success!

Are you preparing for the official Escuela Oficial de Idiomas exams: B1, B2, C1? If the answer is yes, then The EOI 120 Workout will help you prepare for the speaking exam.



It´s after midnight and the streets of London are covered in thick fog. On Baker Street, someone or something evil is lurking in the dark.  Unfortunately, Sherlock Holmes is paralysed with fear, and his faithful partner, Dr Watson, has retired and gone to live on the party island of Ibiza. Dark deeds and criminal activity are on the increase, and the City of London is calling out for help. Can you answer their call?

Do you have what it takes to become an Inglés Málaga Sherlock Holmes Private Investigator? Do you want to practise and improve your English oral communication skills in a fun way?

Can you find the evidence? Can you track down the suspects? Can you uncover the truth from the lies and deceit?  Can you make an arrest before the villains make their escape?  Are you ready?

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be an Inglés Málaga Sherlock Holmes Private Investigator, and you want to improve your English communication skills in an entertaining way, why not take part in the Inglés Málaga´s Sherlock Holmes P.I. event?

To participate and for further information, please complete the contact form, or email Janette, Senior Sherlock Holmes Private Investigator:


  1. Para más información, envíenos un email