Clothes affect your mood, your health and your self-esteem

Do you have a favourite T-shirt or pair of jeans that transforms you and makes you feel confident; makes you feel like you? That’s because what you wear can affect your mood, your health and your self-esteem, says fashion designer Mindy Scheier. Inspired by her son, who was born with a degenerative disorder that makes it hard for him to dress himself or wear clothing with buttons or zippers, Scheier set out to make clothing that works for everyone, including the differently abled.

Learn more about how she’s made fashion history by producing the world’s first mainstream adaptive clothing line. Listen and be inspired.

To fit like a glove

fit like a gloveTo fit like a glove is a common idiom which is usually connected to clothing.  It means that an item of clothing fits your body perfectly.

For example, last year I bought some new jeans in the sales they fit like a glove. However, more importantly, they were as cheap as chips.

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At the drop of a hat

At the drop of a hatAt the drop of a hat is a popular idiom which expresses the idea of doing something immediately and without any hesitation, planning or prior preparation.

For example: It seems to me that most people would quit work at the drop of a hat if they didn’t have financial commitments.

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To laugh your pants off

This is an idiom which is used to say that you find something very, very, very funny. The SMS acronym equivalent is LOL! For those of you who don’t get SMS acronyms, like me, it means ‘laugh out loud’! For years, I thought it meant: Lots of love!
lypoAnyway, I usually laugh my pants off on a daily basis. As a vegetarian who can’t stand tofu, I laughed my pants off at these instructions on how to make tofu.
In addition, at the moment, I’m hooked on the Spanish sitcom, Gym Tony. Despite the fact that I’m not supposed to like it because it’s really, really mind-numbingly stupid, the truth is I think it’s the best thing on the telly. gym tonyMoreover, for those of you who think the characters are just made up, I can put my hand on my heart and tell you that every single character in the programme is represented at my gym. So, if you want to get fit and laugh your pants off every day, you should definitely join my gym, it’s great!

No pants please: take off your trousers!

No pantsJanuary the 18th is the day to take off your pants before getting on the underground. Some international events are organised in order to raise awareness about a health or environmental issue, some, so as to raise money for a charity but others are just for the pleasure of being silly.

Obviously, there are certain situations which require professionalism and of course clothes! However, if you’re feeling in the mood, I say go to the train station and take your pants off, or, perhaps reading about the event is more your cup of tea.

WRITING CHALLENGE : Marketing Technology

Write an advert for your favourite piece of technology: Explain: What it does, why it’s fantastic, how much it costs and why it’s a must buy for any sane person.
Do you need some inspiration?

Here’s how Apple marketed the gorgeous, the sexy, the complete full-package, yes, it’s the love of my life the iPod Nano.

ipod nanoiPod here, iPod there, iPod everywhere.

Home, work and anyplace in between. Your iPod syncs easily with your life.

Listening to music has never been this easy. Not only that, it won’t break the bank. It’s a genuine bargain. The I-Pod Nano has been voted top of the range of all music portables by you, the users. You don’t even need to be a nerd to get to grips with it. It has automatic log off and a gizmo that will act as your personal DJ creating amazing mixes to suit your ever-changing moods. You’ll be hooked before the end of your jog.

SPEAKING CHALLENGE : Interview: Technology and the Internet

Technology question and answerImagine you are being interviewed by a reporter for a Technology Magazine. Can you answer the following questions with more words than: yes or no?

  1. Do you use the Internet? What for? What would your life be like without the internet
  2. Do you think the Internet is dangerous?
  3. Do you think children spend too much time on the Internet?
  4. Do you think the Internet is good for education?
  5. What do you think about online shopping
  6. What do you think about online dating?
  7. What do you think about online banking?
  8. Do you think Internet crime is increasing?
  9. What do you think about social networking sites, such as Facebook?
  10. Can you imagine a life without mobile phones?
  11. Is it important that everyone knows how to use a computer
  12. Is it important that everyone knows how to access the internet?
  13. Which household appliances get used the most in your house?
  14. What item of technology would you like to get rid off?
  15. Would you like to have a personal robot?
  16. Are there any disadvantages about new technologies?

SPEAKING CHALLENGE : Fancy Dress and Technology

Imagine you are going to a fancy dress party and you have been asked to wear a costume which represents an outdated piece of technology that you have fond memories of. Prepare a two minute presentation describing your chosen piece of technology and explain the reason for your choice.

Do you need some inspiration? Well, I would go dressed up as a rotary phone. A what?
rotary phonesOk, I know that I don’t have a smart phone and all that swishing and sliding that most people do when they use their mobile brings me out in a rash, not to mention the constant ping, ping, and ping, ping of text messages, Facebook messages and WhatsApp messages which give me a migraine. I also understand that most people think I’m a technological moron. However, I nearly fell off my chair from shock when I watched this video. Most of the kids on this video had never seen a rotary phone before, they had no idea how to use one and more importantly they couldn’t understand the concept of not being able to write and send an SMS.
kids react to rotary phonesOMG, I feel SO old!  Having said that, it’s hilarious! My favourite part is when they all try and make a phone call. If you do one thing today, check out this video and laugh your pants off!