Linked In is more than a professional networking site

Linked In is a professional online networking tool that allows you to connect with similar professionals across the globe as well as generate business, and for the jobseeker, it can be a very useful resource.

However, I usually connect to get a good brain shake.  Linked In is a great place to challenge your ideas and opinions, and to learn new things about trade, business and innovation.

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School is a back-up plan!

For millions of young people around the world, living with autism is challenging enough without also having to deal with the prejudices of others.

Australian Hamish Finlayson is using his own experience of the condition to change perceptions of autism and increase awareness among his peers. The 13-year-old builds apps and games that help players better understand what it’s like to live with autism.

Many of this youngest generation, having grown up with technology, are building their own software to help spread awareness for many issues, from anxiety and mental health to cyberbullying. Finlayson is one of these bright sparks using his coding gift for the greater good.

Improve your English listening comprehension, and your general knowledge by listening to his story.

In Kazakhstan 4 people go missing every day.

The Kazakh teen keeping people safe

Seventeen-year-old Aruzhan Koshkarova is trying to prevent people from going missing with an innovative new idea.

In Kazakhstan, walking home from school or work isn’t always safe. But Aruzhan Koshkarova, a high school student in Almaty, Kazakhstan, is trying to change that. She has developed QamCare, a GPS app that gives directions, but also warns loved ones if the user is in danger.

Improve your English listening comprehension, and your general knowledge by listening to her story.

Modal Mania: Janette’s abilities: Has she managed to set up her new Apple phone?

MANAGED TO, SUCCEEDED IN, WAS ABLE TO are used to express achievements or non-achievements connected to ability at a specific point in the past.
MobileSo, Janette, welcome to the 21st century! You have a new mobile due to the kindness and generosity of your sister.

So, is it exhausted with all that trending, tweeting and twotting, the whatsapping and ipinning, the selfying and buying and selling, the counselling and predicting, and the sending emojis and emojoys?

No, it doesn’t need to take a nap yet because although I managed to work out how to turn it on and after a lot of effort I succeeded in recharging it, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to put in my sim card. So, at the moment it’s collecting dust in a drawer!

Caution: most of the words above describing the functionality of mobiles aren’t ‘real ‘words, I’m just practising for when I join the WhatsUp-App community!

Germans reveal why they still ‘Love UK’

Germans rally on Twitter to show love for UK

Twitter was swamped with tributes after Germany’s largest liberal newspaper asked readers to show some love for Britain despite its vote to leave the EU.

We love UK CultureIf you want to see what other reasons the Germans gave for loving the UK, then check out BBC Trending.  As a Brit and a Yorkshire lass who is struggling to understand her sense of Britishness, I am profoundly grateful.  In addition, the person who said that they thought ‘Yorkshire rocks’, brought tears to my eyes.  Dankeschön Germany!

Are you a techno junkie?

techno junkieA techno junkie is a common expression used to describe a person who is addicted to or hooked on using technology 24/7.

Now, despite the fact that my smart phone is still being used as a house decoration, I do love technology when it does what I want it to do.  However, I can’t stand technology when it makes my life more complicated or time-inefficient.  I’d rather be disco dancing, playing pool or scuba diving. Seriously, wouldn’t you?

Fitness trackers: do they really work?

Fitness trackers
fitness tracker watchDigital fitness trackers have been a popular birthday present or Christmas gift for the last decade and, generally speaking, they are popular for two fundamental reasons. Firstly, they sell you the promise that you will get fitter if you use one and secondly, they are a fashion statement, in the same way as wearing Nike is. Unfortunately, according to this piece of research there is insufficient evidence to conclude that these techno-gadgets have any health benefits whatsoever.  Indeed, in my book, if you want to get fitter, all you need is a balanced diet and a very physical sex life.

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nomophobiaThe latest research into our relationships with technology once again paints a worrying picture.  Indeed, several specialist clinics have just been set up in Spain to help people ‘detox’ from their technology addictions and dependencies.

Wait! Wait!

Ok, so I get arachnophobia, claustrophobia, cristianoronaldo-phobia but, NO-MO-PHOBIA!  Seriously, someone is pulling my leg!  However, obviously not; as allegedly, nomophobia affects 70% of mobile phone users in Spain who suffer an illogical and irrational fear of being without their mobile phones, or of having a flat battery.  O.M.G!

gag lawWell, despite the fact that I do take this statistic seriously, under no circumstances am I going to demonstrate a shred of sympathy for people who suffer from nomophobia.  I mean, come on; wake up and smell the coffee losers and put your phones down!  And no Rajoy, despite your despicable ‘gag law’ you can’t deport me for my opinion because  the last time I checked freedom of speech is still a human right.


Health: Smartphones and mental health

smartphones and mental health Screen-based activity has been linked to anti-social behaviour, and an increase in health problems such as depression, insomnia and  attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Furthermore, technology has also been blamed for cyber-bullying, isolation, communication issues and reduced self-esteem. On the other hand, according to some experts technology can be good for our mental health. Read the full article here.