Are you a culture vulture?

culture vultureA culture vulture is a type of person who is keen on city breaks, visiting museums and art galleries, reading about history and culture and generally getting to know information about how other people lived, live and will live. So, are you a culture vulture?


5 responses to “Are you a culture vulture?

  1. I consider myself a culture vulture

  2. Well done Paki, You are now an international blogger! Perfect!

  3. Hi,I believe that I’m a culture vulture because I’m crazy about City breaks and I loved to know Lisbon: I really recommend you.

  4. I´m also a bit of a culture vulture and I often visit interesting museums and art galleries in order to recharge my batteries and chill out! However, I haven´t been to Lisbon, but if I had more time and money, I would definitely want to get to know it. Finally, I would really recommend that all culture vultures go to London as, personally speaking, it´s the cultural hotspot of Europe.

  5. Oh! thanks a lot. That’s a fantastic good idea! I never have been to London and I would like to visite the museums, for example, National Gallery, because I’m keen on classic Art as Botticelli’s pictures.

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