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Festive drinking

For many people, the festive season usually means more drinking, more eating, more dancing, and less sleeping.  With this in mind, which of the following expressions mean that you have drunk a little more than is socially acceptable?



To make an ass of yourself

Formal expressions and phrases

It is widely accepted that using formal expressions and phrases, in both written and oral contexts, is a little more difficult than using informal expressions and phrases.  Wouldn´t you agree? However, as the well-known saying goes: ”Practice makes perfect!” So, with this in mind, why not try a few exercises from the Flo-Joe website.

Are you a culture vulture?

culture vultureA culture vulture is a type of person who is keen on city breaks, visiting museums and art galleries, reading about history and culture and generally getting to know information about how other people lived, live and will live. So, are you a culture vulture?

Stuck in the office, but wishing you were at a beach party?

Last weekend I was stuck in the office working, catching up on paperwork, and cleaning with a very beautiful pair of pink rubber gloves. Anyway, to keep me motivated and focused I had this dance track (Broods – Heartlines (MOUNT Remix/Audio) on repeat play.   If you are keen on dance music, then check it out here. OMG,  I´m hooked on it! However, if rock ballads are more your cup of tea, then don´t bother.

To take advantage of something

To take advantage of something means to use an opportunity to achieve results, sometimes in an unfair way.

For example, the Spanish academic year is nearly over so my advice to all teachers is to take advantage of your pupil-free days, stop taking prescription drugs to get you through the day, and start recharging your batteries with some serious dance moves and Jason Derulo.



Down the drain

Easter Getaway: Janette, what´s in your suitcase?

language of speculationEaster is a time when many people take time off work. This year I . I have ants in my pants because I am taking a mini getaway to chill out, recharge my batteries and spend time with my family. So, can you guess what I am going to do by the contents of my suitcase?

  1. Trainers
  2. High heels
  3. Cocktail dress
  4. Bikini
  5. Flip flops
  6. Plasters
  7. iPod Nano
  8. Straightners
  9. Nail varnish
  10. Aspirin

How are you? British slang


To be keen on doing something

Keen on Cake

I’m keen on cake. Don’t touch my cake. IT’S MINE!!!

To be keen on doing something is a common expression that means you like something or someone, or you like doing something. For example:’ I’m keen on Brad Pitt.  I’m keen on carrot cake.  I’m keen on watching football.  You can also use this expression in the negative:  I’m not keen on chocolate ice cream.  I’m not keen on rollerblading.