Life-affirming experiences

flamenco malagaAs many of you know I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie and one of the reasons I have this passion is that despite all the ‘crap’ that’s going on in the world, throwing yourself of a mountain is life-affirming! What I mean is, that indescribable buzz you get from something when you think,’ OMG, it’s great to be alive!’.

Everyone has their ‘thing’ whether it’s playing a musical instrument, drinking a fine wine, or watching your football team thrash an opponent.

Really, I have three passions in life: sport, politics and music and when I work out at the gym I get ‘a hit’ of all three as I listen to music, watch the News and kill myself on the treadmill. However, by far the biggest life-affirming thing that has happened to me recently was when I went  Sala Chela Mar in Málaga the other week to watch some flamenco. It’s a rare thing to really feel the intensity of the passion, the pain and the joy of some thing you are only watching.

So, if you have not been to this venue, I’d suggest you do as the performances there are always life-affirming!  Yep, once again, I’m in love!

Inglés Málaga Chat Room: The Perfect Flatmate: Party Animal or Clean Freak?

Ingles Malaga Chat Room The Perfect FlatmateAre you interested in improving your English speaking skills in a relaxed way?
If yes, the Inglés Málaga Chat Room sessions with Janette will be able to help you!
The next session is:

  1.  Chat Room Session: The Perfect Flatmate: Party Animal or Clean Freak
  2. Date: Wednesday 18th November 2015. 20:15pm: 21:15pm

In this session you will:

  1. Practise your ability to talk about different personalities
  2. Practise your ability to discuss the characteristics of the perfect flatmate
  3. Practise your ability to interview potential flatmates

For more information about the price, location and to reserve your place, please email Janette :

Inglés Málaga Chat Room: The perfect relationship!

Ingles Malaga Chat Room 30.09.15Are you interested in improving your English speaking skills?

If yes, the Inglés Málaga Chat Room Sessions will be able to help you!

The next session is:

  1. Chat Room Session: The perfect partnership: Are you pulling my leg?
  2. Date: Wednesday 30th September 2015. 20:15 : 21:15.
  3. Information: email Janette:

Are Spanish people laid-back or uptight?

easygoing or laid-backTo be laid-back describes a personality trait that means having a relaxed or casual character. A synonym adjective is easygoing.  So, broadly speaking are Spanish people laid-back or are they more like the stereotype of the British personality: reserved and uptight?

Are you like Ben Stiller’s character  and uptight, or are you more like Jennifer Aniston’s character and easygoing?

To be smart


To be smart can have several meanings depending on the context. Sometimes the meaning is referring to your appearance, i.e. your clothes and general appearance is somewhere in between casual and elegant; more or less to be smart is to wear ‘formal’ clothes.

However, it can also refer to your intelligence. A smart person is a clever or intelligent person. Having said that and personally speaking, it’s very debatable whether ‘smart technology’, such as phones and cars should be called ‘smart’. In my book, surely, it depends on the hands using the devices and gadgets. Having a smart car doesn’t make you an intelligent driver.

Unfortunately, I usually never look smart and my mother is the only person who thinks I’m smart. Indeed, I have been called moronic countless times.

To be screen-obsessed

screen-obsessedTo be screen-obsessed:
Is a term used to describe an individual who is addicted to screen based technological devices, for example, mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Indeed, if you look around the streets of Málaga, wouldn’t you agree that we are all a bit screen-obsessed? Obviously, for those of you who know me, you know that I’m more of a Connect 4 girl than I am techno-junkie.