nomophobiaThe latest research into our relationships with technology once again paints a worrying picture.  Indeed, several specialist clinics have just been set up in Spain to help people ‘detox’ from their technology addictions and dependencies.

Wait! Wait!

Ok, so I get arachnophobia, claustrophobia, cristianoronaldo-phobia but, NO-MO-PHOBIA!  Seriously, someone is pulling my leg!  However, obviously not; as allegedly, nomophobia affects 70% of mobile phone users in Spain who suffer an illogical and irrational fear of being without their mobile phones, or of having a flat battery.  O.M.G!

gag lawWell, despite the fact that I do take this statistic seriously, under no circumstances am I going to demonstrate a shred of sympathy for people who suffer from nomophobia.  I mean, come on; wake up and smell the coffee losers and put your phones down!  And no Rajoy, despite your despicable ‘gag law’ you can’t deport me for my opinion because  the last time I checked freedom of speech is still a human right.


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