EOI Oral Diálogo

The official EOI speaking exams are divided into two tasks.

The second task is a diàlogo between you and your partner. The dialogue has to last about 5 minutes. The first task is a 3-4 minute presentation. For sample presentations

This exam is very difficult to prepare, so we have developed some model examples, and guides to help you pass. Inglés Málaga students & clients pass.  Check out our testimonials.

Sample speaking exam from Andalusia:

  1. EOI B1 Speaking Exam 2017
  2. EOI B2 Speaking Exam Sept 2018
  3. EOI C1 Speaking Exam 2017

Assessment Criteria for the speaking exam:

  1. EOI Assessment Criteria B1 B2 C1

Dialogue and Interactive Task Guide:

This 18 page guide will give you advice on:

  1. The different types of dialogue situations you may experience
  2. How to connect the EOI evaluation criteria to your ideas
  3. How to start interactive situations
  4. How to express general ideas and personal opinions
  5. How to ask questions and respond to questions
  6. How to agree and disagree with ideas and suggestions
  7. How to persuade and make compromises
  8. How to finish the dialogue by negotiating an agreement

This guide includes:

  1. A template on how to develop and practise exam-focused dialogues
  2. A model answer, demonstrating how to use EOI evaluation criteria
  3. A list of useful connectors and linkers
  4. A list of useful adverbial phrases & discourse markers

Why not take a sneak peak to see what you will get for your money?

  1. Ingles Malaga EBuy C1 EOI Dialogue Interaction Guide
  2. Ingles Malaga EBuy B2 EOI Dialogue Interaction Guide
  3. Ingles Malaga EBuy B1 EOI Dialogue Interaction Guide

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Take a look at more Inglés Málaga how to guides. Take a look at more Inglés Málaga how to guides. The Building Block guide gives you an overview of level-appropriate grammatical structures, as well as example sentences. It is useful for both the writing and speaking exam.

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