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1: Escuela Oficial Idiomas Exams:

Speaking Exam:

The monólogo / the presentation topic:

  1. EOI B1 English – Inglés monólogo
  2. EOI B2 English – Inglés monólogo
  3. EOI C1 English – Inglés monólogo

The diálogo / the interaction task:

  1. The diálogo: B1, B2, C1

Writing & Speaking Exams:

These guides, The Building Blocks, give you examples of the most important grammatical structures, expressions, cohesive devices, and linkers required to pass exams. Study SMART, not hard!

  1. B1 English
  2. B2 English
  3. C1 English

2: All Examination Boards (Cambridge, Trinity, EOI, British Council)

How to guides for writing and speaking. The building blocks to help you focus on passing an exam. Not for technical or business English.

  1. B1 English
  2. B2 English
  3. C1 English


3: Cambridge Assessment English Speaking Exams

  1. B1 PET English
  2. B2 FCE English
  3. C1 CAE English

Inglés Málaga works in partnership with ESOL examiners and students in order to develop practical guides to help people pass English language exams.  However, if you can´t find a suitable guide, drop us a line and let us know what you want.