B2 FCE English Speaking Exam


The speaking exam has 4 parts. The standard format is two examiners and two candidates, and it will last approximately 14 minutes.  If there are 3 candidates the timing will be increased to 20 minutes.

  1. Speaking Part 1 (SP1) – The Question and Answer Interview – 2 minutes in total
  2. Speaking Part 2 (SP2) – Individual Long Turn ( 2 photographs) – 4 minutes in total
  3. Speaking Part3 (SP3) – Collaborative Task ( The problem) – 4 minutes in total
  4. Speaking Part 4 (SP4)-The Discussion connected to the collaborative task in SP3 – 4 minutes in total

FCE Exam Evaluation and Assessment Criteria

Candidates are marked using the following criteria

  1. FCE Speaking Exam Assessment Criteria

Complete Sample FCE Exam

  1. FCE Sample Speaking Exam

Speaking Exam Inglés Málaga Techniques: The How To Guides:

  1. FCE B2 Speaking Part 1
  2. FCE B2 Speaking Part 2
  3. FCE B2 Speaking Part 3
  4. FCE B2 Speaking Part 4

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