EOI B2 Inglés Speaking Exam

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Warning: The Spanish Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (EOI) exams vary from region to region. Our guides are based on the EOI official exams in Andalusia. Before you buy, please check your exam.

EOI official speaking exams ( B1:2, B2:2, C1:2) are divided into two tasks.

  1. The nerve-racking monólogo: Individual presentation – 3 to 4 mins
  2. The pertrifying díalogo: Role play between 2/3 people – 5 mins

This exam is supersonically difficult to pass without an effective exam technique, so we have developed some training guides to help you stay focused on the important things.

Official speaking exam & evaluation criteria:

  1. Andalusia EOI B2:2 Official Speaking Exam
  2. Andalusia EOI Official Evaluation Criteria B1 B2 C1

The Inglés Málaga Exam Survival Guides:


  1. Building Blocks Guide – pdf: 4.50€
  2. Diálogo Guide – pdf: 4.50€
  3. Monólogo Guide – audio mp3 & pdf: 2.00€ per monólogo
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Full details & payment info below:

EOI B2: The Building Blocks Guide:

Build a strong foundation – this 15 page pdf guide will give you advice on:

  1. Key grammatical structures & language functions
  2. How to express general ideas, & personal opinions
  3. Useful vocabulary, expressions & idioms
  4. Useful adverbial phrases
  5. How to ensure structure and coherence by using appropriate connectors, linkers & discourse markers
  6. How to connect the EOI evaluation criteria to your ideas

EOI B2: Díalogo: The Dialogue & Interaction Guide

This 18 page guide will give you advice on:

  1. How to start interactive situations – formal & informal
  2. How to finish dialogues by negotiating an agreement
  3. Useful phrases to express personal opinions & communicate general ideas
  4. Practical structures to make recommendations & give advice
  5. Effective phrases to negotiate & persuade
  6. Handy expressions which can be adapted for different formal & informal dialogues
  7. Useful question structures, connectors, linkers & discourse markers
  8. How to agree & disagree with ideas & suggestions

This guide includes:

  1. A template on how to develop & practise exam-focused dialogues
  2. One complete sample response to an official exam question
  3. Suggestions on how to connect your ideas to the exam evaluation criteria
  4. Examples of different exam dialogue questions

EOI B2: Monólogo: Monólogo Guide

Recorded sample responses to different official exam questions. Each monólogo includes:

  1. Copy of the complete audio file (mp3)
  2. Copy of the transcript (pdf) which includes:
    1. Handy exam tips & advice
    2. Information on how the sample monólogo is strategically mapped against the specific exam evaluation criteria (grammar, vocabulary, linkers, cohesion, discourse markers)

Sample Monólogos (x4) :

Listen to a sneak preview:

1 EOI B2:2 Pros & cons of schools: state & private

2 EOI B2:2 Benefits & drawbacks of shopping: online/physcial

3 EOI B2:2 Advantages & disadvantages of learning English

4 EOI B2:2 The importance of food for health

B2 EOI Survival Guide Box

10% discount – Contents:

  1. Building Blocks Guide – pdf: 4.50€
  2. Diálogo Guide – pdf: 4.50€
  3. Monólogo Guide ( x4) – audio mp3 & transcript pdf : 2.00€ per monólogo
    1. Pros & Cons Schools – Private / State
    2. Benefits & Drawbacks Shopping – Online / Physical
    3. Advantages & Disadvantages Learning English
    4. Importance of food for health
  4. Positive vibes & good vibrations

Payment Info:

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