Ingles Malaga Morning Coffee BreakQuiero mejorar mis habilidades de hablar y mi capacidad de mantener una conversación a través de un programa grupo. Tengo un nivel intermedio de inglés o más alto (B1-2, B2, C1C2) Estoy disponible por las mañanas.

Ok, no problem,  Inglés Málaga, y The English Morning Coffee Break puede ayudarte. Regístrate y vamos a charlarlet’s talk!.

What is The English Morning Coffee Break?
The English Morning Coffee Break is a 1.5  hour group class (minimum of 3 students, no more than 6) where you will have the opportunity to talk about different topics in order to improve all aspects of your oral communication. The English Morning Coffee Break will help you improve your speaking skills by encouraging conversation through role-play, debates, mini- presentations and discussions. You will practise both formal and informal speaking.

TeapotBy participating in The English Morning Coffee Break you will improve:

  1. Your ability to speak more confidently and communicate more clearly.
  2. Your ability to express ideas and opinions.
  3. Your use of vocabulary, expressions and idioms.
  4. Your listening skills to help you better follow and participate in conversations.
  5. Your pronunciation and intonation in order to sound more natural and fluent.

Who is it for?
The English Morning Coffee Break is an ideal course if you you want to speak more confidently and communicate clearly.

Please note: The English Morning Coffee Break is not designed to help prepare people for English exams, although, if you are preparing for an exam, this style of learning would definitely be useful. However, if your requirements are different, please take a look at other Inglés Malaga Cursos

piggy bankWhat are the conditions and how much does it cost?
The cost is €48 a month which you must pay for in advance. The price includes 4, 1.5 hour classes, once a week for 4 consecutive weeks.

Inglés Málaga only closes for national holidays, so if your class is on a national holiday, you will be able to recover your class the following week.

Where are the classes?
The classes are private and take place in plaza de la merced, Málaga centro.

What do we talk about?
Inglés Málaga clients choose the topics they want to chat about.  However, if you want a better idea of what happens in a typical class, then take a look:

  1. Inglés Málaga English Coffee Morning Break Menu

What do I do now?
If you are interested in participating or have some questions, then please complete the following Contact Form and we will email you as soon as possible.


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