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EOI inglés examen – Education: What can I say?

B2 C1 EOI speaking & writing exam:

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Eoi ingles monologo education
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EOI inglés -Veganism -what can I say?

B2 C1 EOI speaking and writing exam:

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Diversify your brain: Get in with the App crowd!

So, when I´m not working, I try to go to this Meetup group: Málaga Ideathons

The groups mission is thus: “Apping” Malaga’s Life. Participate on an event focussed on creative ideas to improve life in Malaga by the use of apps and smartphones that could eventually lead to start-ups by the participants. A great opportunity to network for entrepreneurs and creatives.”

OK, it´s true, the technology, and the techno mumbo jumbo vernacular is way beyond my skill set, but, for the moment, technology is nothing without people who generate the ideas, and solve the problems. In light of this, I would check them out. Go on, get out of your comfort zone, and get ”Apping”.

You could also propose that the group investigate a problem you experience in your day-to-day life, or an issue at work that could be solved with an App.

However, if that´s not your cup of tea, why not check out an Inglés Málaga Meetup event instead.