Verano Inglés – Snack on TED

Be inspired during the hot summer months

Inglés Málaga is inspired by TedTalks – you will be too.

verano cursos ingles onlineCurso: Snack on Ted

Suitable for adults B2+ level

  1. Focus on improving speaking skills, listening comprehension, and useful phrases and vocabulary
  2. Online or face-to-face (Málaga City)
  3. Limited spaces for maximum practise
  4. More information

EOI inglés examen – Education: What can I say?

B2 C1 EOI speaking & writing exam:

Do you have problems thinking of ideas? Save time and effort – steal the ideas and use the Inglés Málaga EOI Guías to quickly demonstrate the assessment criteria. It´s a win-win situation! You´re making a smart decision – 50% discount with the promo code-Love20.

Eoi ingles monologo education
Kialo do the thinking – you focus on your exam technique

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