C1 EOI inglés: The Future

C1 EOI ingles. Demonstrating a range of grammar in an exam situation requires strategic thinking and planning. It’s no use blabbering on in the same tense. You might have the level, but if you don’t use the structures, how can you seriously expect to pass. Control your exams with an exam strategy. Copy our exam-ready sentences so as to demonstarte the assessment criteria. Sneak peek: https://inglesmalaga.com/support…/eoi-ingles-guias/

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C1 eoi ingles oral

C2 EOI Inglés: Vocabulary Dialogo

C2 ingles EOI: Vocabulary. So, in a nutshell, at C2 you are expected to be able to talk coherently and fluently about any given topic. As you don’t know what topic you’re gonna get, best use your limited time to gem up on some reusable phrases and expression. Here are a few that aren’t too complicated to apply in many dialogue situations.

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C2 EOI ingles vocabulary