Studying abroad can be very effective, rewarding and a lot of fun. However, it can be very expensive so how do I make decisions on where to go, where to stay, and where to study.

Within the Inglés Málaga community, we have people who have studied English in Ireland, England and Scotland. So, if you have studied abroad please practise your written skills and share your experiences.   Help Raquel to make the best decisions for her requirements.

Together, we are wealth of knowledge – it’s good to share!


  1. Hi, i´m Raquel. I would like to go to England or Ireland to improve my english. I want to go in January and stay two months.

    I have to decide country, city, accademy and accommodation. Could you help me? or simply, could you tell me your experience?.

    Thanks for all. 🙂

  2. Hi Raquel!
    I am Elisabeth. I studied English in Brighton (England) for four weeks. I went there eight years ago; so now it maybe is different.
    Do you know Brighton? It is a very beautiful city, in the coast, near to London (45 min by train). My academy was E.C. Brighton. I lived with an English family. I think that it is better living with a family because you can practice your English with them.
    You should find a town or city where there aren´t a lot of spanish people. January is a good date to go to study English because now there are less people than in summer.
    If you want to know something about my experience, send me and email.
    Good luck!!

  3. Hi, Raquel, I´m Mayte, and I lived abroad last year. The purpose of my trip wasn´t to study English, so I can´t give you any advice about this; however, I agree with Elisabeth in her comment: you should choose a place without Spanish people. Living abroad, even if you aren´t in Britain, is a good opportunity for improving your English, but only if you avoid your own language.

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