Requests: Put on, Hold on, Lie Down

My youngest nephew doesn’t speak a lot. He only likes to say 2 things:
Why? and Where’s my jelly? My eldest nephew likes to play cards and do maths. Both of them have no sense of danger and they don’t like to wear clothes.

As a result of spending 3 days taking care of them, I have 5 favourite requests:

  1. Please put your clothes on, they are compulsory in a restaurant.
  2. Please hold on tightly otherwise you will fall off and I’ll have to tell mummy that I took you to a fairground when she told me not to.
  3. Please calm down, lie down and go to sleep.
  4. Please turn off the computer game.
  5. Please come back
Give me the Funky Chicken.  Whoowho!!
Give me the Funky Chicken. Whoowho!!

Disco Moves: Take Up, Be Into, Break Up

I took up disco dancing when I was younger. My mother used to drop me off at the dance studio and pick me up 2 hours later. Disco was my religion and I loved to boogie. My mother was into Bach and Beethoven and she thought I should break up my love affair with disco and get into ballroom dancing.

BALLROOM DANCING, ballroom dancing, where’s the funky chicken, the rolling grapevine, the egg beater, the Travolta and the hustle in that?! 

If you want to take up disco dancing, you could check this out:Living it large on the 70’s dance floor

Do Exercise: Work Out, Give Up, Worn Out

Is this good for you?

Working out at the gym is exhausting, you have to get up, put on your gym kit and obey instructors who would be better suited to the army. I’m giving up exercise because I’m always too worn out to drink a beer afterwards!  Too tired to drink a beer, I think not!

At the Bank: Take Out, Find Out, Fill In, Give Up…

Give me back my plastic.

Last Monday, my credit card was eaten by the cash machine ( ATM) on the main high-street. ‘To add insult to injury’, I wasn’t taking out any money, I only wanted to find out my bank balance. I called the bank and they said they would call me back in 10 minutes, they didn’t. I went to the bank and spoke to the teller, he told me to fill in this form and fill in that form; he instructed me to sign my name here and there, and here and there…. After one hour I was about to give up and go for a drink to cheer me up when the ‘big cheese’ came over and said ‘the security checks are over, here is your new card Ms O’Carroll’.  I asked him if it was tasty, but he told me to get out!!

Janette, things to remember: Pick Up, Stop Off, Check in…

Job of the Aunty: Put ear plugs in. Pretend to be a statue!

As a result of some BRILLIANT advice ( thank you very much) I am really looking forward to my nephews’ trip. In two weeks I am going to pick them up from the airport, get them in a taxi, stop off at a chemist for some aspirin and ear plugs, check in a hotel, put down the luggage, call a nanny and get in bed. Gosh, being an Aunty is a piece of cake!

Jaaaaaaaaaanette: Wake Up, Get Up, Drink Up

Wake up Janette you were a lazybones yesterday!

Oh no!! The alarm clock has gone off three times already, and although I have woken up I can’t get up.  I’m very sleepy.  I decide to put my mobile alarm on snooze and I drop off for another 15 minutes.

No Food: Set off, Look up, Look After

Paddington BearWhat, no breakfast food! I set off to the bakery to buy a loaf of bread but I am too late, they have just sold out. I put off going earlier because I was looking up information on the internet about how you look after small children. 

I think the internet is wrong, it says that you must supervise children at all times. I think this means: put them on a train with a label that says, ‘No I’m not lost, I’m on a risky adventure for a week or 5, and no, I don’t need any parental help’. If Paddington Bear can do it, so can my nephews!!

5 thoughts on “PHRASAL VERBS

  1. Wonderful post!!!
    I need to improve my “phrasal vers” level which is under the subway, in the deep of the ocean.
    About your nephews, it is very useful to use “Historial” or a program which limitate any dangerous websites.
    It is useful too: to create an account specially for them, limited and supervised.
    All the best

  2. Paddington Bear!! I didnt know to this character!!
    I am going to chech the website !!
    Good way to learn phrasal verbs Janesita!!

  3. Hi Janette!!! You sleep as a log!!!
    I’m Isa.
    I didn’t know you had a nephew. I’ve got two. I’ve never had the older for more than a day, so what I do is play play and play and I end up worn out. But a day is a dayand then he comes back with dad and mum. It’s good to be Auntie Isa!!!!
    Hope to see u on Friday

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