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A C.V. in English. Crumbs, it isn’t easy!!

Looking for a job, improving your C.V. and preparing yourself for interviews is not an easy task. It takes time and commitment and you have to think about how you can talk about your strengths and professional aspirations. Writing a C.V. in English can help you do that, in addition it can be a fantastic way to learn new vocabulary and practise talking about yourself.

One of my clients has kindly agreed to be a guest blogger as he looks for the ‘perfect job’. Follow his progress as he posts his journey. Please help him by giving him tips and advice, share your contacts, and post your suggestions and comments.

This is his first post:

  • I found a very interesting website with a lot of podcasts about jobs and business, I think it’s appropriate for those who want to practise listening exercises and prepare for job interview like me. I have send a link to one of the podcasts, It’s the first part of a 4 article series about how to prepare a job interview.Click here to listen to a podcast

I hope it will be useful for the other users of this blog.

14 thoughts on “BUSINESS & JOBS

  1. Hi everyone!
    Two months after my first post I write again about job searching. As you told in your previous post, I’m looking for a ‘perfect job’ and it requires a lot of time working in an appropriate CV and preparing different questions and answers for an interview. As everybody knows, nowadays a fluent use of English is essential in every job position, and that’s why I’m reading and listening articles and podcast in this language, so I can learn about interesting topics and by the way I can improve my English.

    This time, I’ve read an interesting article about how to prepare a job interview and the task of getting as much information as you can from the interviewer. We often prepare the answers to different questions we might be asked but, do we know what to ask to the recruitment agent?. It’s frequently to be asked about any doubt or question we would like to ask, but we don’t usually know what to ask and the most common questions are about salary and job conditions.

    The article shows five questions we should ask in a job interview, in order to have two effects, on the one hand, we obtain more information about the company and the job were are applying for, and on the other hand, we say to the recruiter that we are interested in more things than salary and timetables. This is our opportunity to show to the interviewer than we are professionals and we are trying to find a ‘perfect job’ and a ‘perfect’ environment where we could develop our skills and experience.

    An job searching process is not a question of find any job, it is a question of find a job and a company that fit with our personal and professional interests, and a job interview is the moment when we can show what we could do for the company and we can know what the company could do for us.

    You can read the article at,I hope you find it interesting and useful

  2. Thanks Janette, I’m glad it had been useful for your clients and followers. About writing a CV in English, as a spanish idiom says “Each Teacher has his own little book” , and you can read a lot of articles and comments about what is the best way of writting a CV in English, so I’m going to explain what I did.
    In my experience it is very simple but you need to spend enough time, because you simply aren’t writting two pages with your experience and education, it’s more, you are building your presentation card to sell you as a product to a company, so it’s important to get to know yourself, your skills, your strengths and weaknesses.

    I wouldn’t like to talk about the content of the CV, I’m going to give you the main ideas and steps I followed to write it. Firstly you should ask, Do I have a good CV in spanish? This is the first step in order to translate it to english following these four steps:

    1. Be clear and simple, English mentality is more practical than spanish. Don’t spend too much space in personal information, write only the data for being contacted and use the rest of the sheet to a more profitable purpose, like explain your experience, objectives and give some examples of your achievements.
    2. Use the apropriate words to describe your skills, responsabilities or positions you have worked in. To do this, I read a lot of job offers about the positions I want to aply for and gathered the most common words used in this enviroment, it is very useful because you demonstrate you know “the language of your business”, using less accurated words you seem not to be familiarized with the technical terminology.
    3. Translate from spanish, using the correct expresions and vocabulary, use those you gathered from the previous search. Look for other CV examples and try to use similar expressions or get some ideas.
    4. Be patient. It takes a long time and it’s a mistake to write it quickly, it’s better to write a part of your cv and review it next day. It is a slow process with different stages. I’m continuosly changing my CV, because each time I read it, I think that I can improve it, and that’s the way.

    As I said in the beginning, each person has his own method, I used this and I think it worked, so I hope this ideas could help to everyone who is looking for a job and trying to write a CV in english.

    After this, the next step should be to write an effective covering letter, and that is what I’m trying to do now, I’ll tell you more about this in next posts.

  3. I am a manager in a law firm in England and am heavily involved in recruitment. With the economy so uncertain, businesses do not want to take risks when hiring new personnel with insufficent experience. They want to see evidence and examples of specific achievements and competencies that directly correlate to their industry and their line of work. My tips are 1.don’t have one standard CV. 2.Take time to read a job advertisement or job description and tailor your CV to that particular job. 3. Research that company (the company website is always a good place to start) use the same terminology in that company website in your own CV and covering letter. 4.Understand the companies “vision and values” and design your CV to demonstrate you share the same “vision and values”.
    In respect of preparing for interviews, the best preparation is to have specific, real life scenarios to talk about and discuss. There is a trend in recrutiment to ask you to mention something that “went wrong” or didn’t go to plan, at which point really highlight and stress what you learnt from the experience and how you benefitted. Turn it into something positive and demonstrate your ability and attitude to continually learn and develop.
    Building a CV and searching for work is a job in itself. The very best of luck!

  4. Thanks Janette! I’d heard about this company in differents forums, I’ll contact with them in order to know about job opportunities or training programs.

  5. Hi everyone! Regarding to the previous post from Joe, I’ve just read an interesting article about some of the most valuable skills for an employer. As Joe said, we are living in a very uncertain enviroment and companies are looking for people who can survive in this situation and give the best of themselves. The reading describe essential abilities we need to demonstrate and improve in order to be attractive for every employer. If you are interested, you can read the complete article in the following link:

  6. Hi Manolo,
    I really like the terminology used in this article. The language used for the 6 essential skills would be great for any C.V. covering letter or interview preparation. Great find!!

  7. Have your ever thought about being your own boss? Would you like to build a Start Up? I think that self employment is one of the alternatives we have to survive in this critical situation, and despite being looking for an interesting job, the idea of setting up my own business is something that is going around my mind since a few months ago.
    Do you think this is the best moment to start an entrepreneurial adventure? I would like to know your opinions about this topic, it will be useful for me.

    I’ve been reading about this and I’d like to share with all of you an interesting article about five important steps you should do to turn your ideas into a real and succesfull business. Most of us have thought about creative an revolutionary ideas for a business but there are always some obstacles we can not avoid and finally, we decided to forget our ideas. Fear for failure and for what people could say about us if we don’t have success, is one of the most common causes of this behaviour. Finally, I’d like to say that if you don’t try you won’t fail, however, you won’t learn from the experience of trying something, mistakes are a very valuable source of knowledge.

    If you are interested in this topic, you can read the entire article following this link:

    These 5 ways are not only for those who are trying to create a business, you can aply this principles to turn your ideas into reality in your personal life.

    I hope you enjoy reading this article and remember I’d like to know about your opinions.

  8. A few days ago,I posted about what I was doing to write an effective CV and as part of my homework for this week, I’m writing a covering letter. Fortunately, I’ve just found an article on twitter and I think it would be useful for those of you who are looking for a job and designing his professional image. I share these two links that contain some advices about how to write a resume in a CV and what are the requirements for a covering letter.

  9. Hi everyone!
    after a period of summer holidays, I’ve continued with the job search and I’ve applied for differents position related to engineering and manufacturing in the UK. As a result I’ve just receive the same answer from different recruiters, ” They have received applications from candidates whose experience more closely match with the requirements of their clients” however, they wish me success in my job search and send me a guide with some advices to write a strong CV and have succesful interviews to find my ideal job.

    I’ve been reading the guide and it is very interesting, so I’d like to share these advises with you, if you are interested, click in the following link, I hope it will be useful:

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