One Mother’s Insane Journey to Christmas
Well, it’s been a very busy couple of weeks, and I’ve barely done a thing to get ready for Christmas. I had a wedding to go to at the weekend, so most of my time has been spent getting ready for that.

I did, however, manage to find a present for my youngest boy, Samuel, who is three. It was a great find, lots of figures from his favourite tv programme along with a few cars and houses, all for £11 from a charity shop. I was very pleased with myself about finding those.

I also had to get a ‘secret santa’ present. Quite a large group of friends and I do this every year, to save us all lots of money buying everyone a present, we all put our names in a hat each picking one and then we just buy for that one person. I wanted to get something really special for this person as she has had a difficult year, and I think I found something she will really like. I won’t say what though, just in case she sees this!


Now just the rest of the family to buy for……. I’m thinking of getting Janette a book about snails. What do you all think?

Christmas and Chocolate

Jack's Advent Calendar. Do not touch!!

So, it’s the beginning of December and that can only mean one thing…. Chocolate for breakfast every day!

My eldest child, Jack, is allergic to milk, but being 6 he wants the same advent calendars as everyone else, this year it HAD to be Doctor Who. I bought him the calendar he had chosen, but the chocolate inside had milk in it meaning he couldn’t eat it. So, I slid the tray out of the box, removed all the little tasty chocolate treats (ate them all in ten minutes), cleaned out the tray, melted some chocolate that he could eat and piped it into the little moulds, left it to set and the slid the tray back in.

I do this every year, and it seems pretty win-win to me, he gets the calendar he wants, and I get twenty-four little chocolates to eat on the last day of November!

Do you have advent calendars in Spain? Tell me everything…

p.s, Jack came back from school with chicken poxs yesterday so he doesn’t want to have his picture taken. Chicken Pox and Christmas, I can’t believe it!! I will try and post a picture of him and my youngest, Samuel, later.

4 thoughts on “MUMS & XMAS

  1. Hi Janette’s sister!!

    Nice to tak to you. I am also mother of two boys (6 and 5 years old) and although we haven’t got Advent Calendars I’m thinking they are very useful for me….

    I will tell you why. December is a moth full of celebrations at home. My eldest’s birthday on the 27th and Nicolas’ saint day the 6th. So they’re asking each day when these days will come. And, by the way, they also ask me how many days are left for Christmas, and for the coming of Three Wise men, and for finishing school…..And I have to think about it every single day making menthal operations while I’m driving or cooking or…

    So Advent Calendar will be perfect!! I will try to find one and I will keep you update with the results. Of course, I will eat the first 6 pieces of chocolate!!


  2. Hi María, I bought my advent calendar in Mercadona. The chocolate tastes terrible but opening the little windows every morning is brilliant. Unfortunately as it gets closer to Christmas Day I just panic a little bit more every morning. Oh no, Christmas is coming and my Santa’s sack is still empty! What should I do? Run to a shopping center, go mental in a department store, whizz around the boutiques, no, how stupid am I. Online shopping is the way to go., here I come. Thank goodness for ‘plastic’. I love all credit cards.

  3. Hi María,

    I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to you. Aside from all the other usually Motherly duties I have had a wedding to go to and to top it all off I fell up the stairs a few days ago and think I have broken my nose!

    I love the boys having their advent calendars, they really so help with the constant questions about when Christmas will be here. Did you manage to find one? Is it working? Do you have big celebrations for Nicholas’ saint day? What do you do?


  4. Hi, Hannah,
    Thank you for your answer. I hope you are ok!! As I told Janette yesterday, we only have a big celebration the 5th in the afternoon and 6th of January, when the Three Wise Men deliver the presents. My children think Santa Claus only goes to english houses!!!!
    Happy Christmas for all Janette’s Family!!!


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