The Inglés Málaga Chat Room Menú


Chat Room IM iconDuring an English Chat Room group class you will have the opportunity to informally talk about different topics in order to improve all aspects of oral communication. The English Chat Room will help you improve your speaking skills by encouraging conversation through role-play, debates, mini- presentations and discussions. It’s easier and more comfortable to talk with the Inglés Málaga Chat Room Plan.

The Inglés Málaga Chat Room Plan Menu:

Inglés Málaga clients choose the topics they want to chat about.  However, if you want a better idea of what happens in a typical class then, take at look at the following menu:

  1. The Big Debate: Yes or No
  2. The Interview: It’s Question Time
  3. The Perfect Relationship: ?
  4. The Role Play: Imagine
  5. The Mini-Presentation
  6. The Big Win: Save, Spend, Invest
  7. The Big Lottery
  8. The Big Problem: Advice Please
  9. The Big Complaint: Compensation Please
  10. The Big Environment: Save our Planet
  11. The Big Dream: Ambitions
  12. The Big Living Space
  13. The Big Blockbuster
  14. The Big TV
  15. The Big Festival
  16. The Big Read: Are you a bookworm?
  17. Call my Bluff: The little prank
  18. Criminal Minds
  19. Crime Busters: Crime Prevention
  20. Big Tourism: The good, the bad, the ugly
  21. Trips and Holidays
  22. Role Play: Central Station
  23. Music: The Must-Listen to
  24. Business: Professional English for the workplace

1: Regístrate para The Inglés Chat Room, let’s talk!
2: Quiero otro tipo de curso para hablar.
3: Quiero otro tipo de curso.


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