EOI:120 Workout

CURSOS INGLÉS EXÁMENES: Escuela Oficial de Idiomas: 120 WORKOUT 

Passing an exam is never easy!Exam Workout

You must practise a lot, you must have the level, you need to understand the exam and have an effective exam technique, and, of course, a bit of luck is also useful!

Are you preparing for the official Escuela Oficial de Idiomas exams: B1, B2, C1? If the answer is yes, then The EOI 120 Workout will help you prepare for the speaking exam.

What is the EOI 120 Workout?

The EOI 120 Workout is a group class especially designed to help you pass, with confidence, the speaking exam. During each class you will practise both or one part of the speaking exam, i.e the  Monólogo y Diálogo, and, if necessary, review vocabulary, expressions and the grammatical structures required for your level.

The EOI 120 Workout is a package of 4, 2 hour group classes (minimum of 3 students, no more than 4), 1 a week for a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks.

During each 2 hour class you will practise specific exam monologues and dialogues with other people who are preparing to take the same EOI exam. In addition, you will learn, review, practise and improve:

  1. Exam techniques, including how to use key grammatical structures.
  2. Topic specific exam vocabulary and expressions.
  3. Pronunciation and intonation in order to sound more fluent and natural.
  4. Self-confidence.

Who is it for?
The EOI 120 Workout will be useful for people who are nearly ready to take the exam but need more targeted exam practice.

If you are not nearly ready, then a different course might be better for you: Check out the other exam courses that Inglés Málaga offers: Cursos Inglés Exàmenes.

How much does it cost?
Group of 3: The price for a package of 4, 2 hour workouts: €96 per person

Group of 4: The price for a package of 4, 2 hour workouts: €90 per person

Where are the classes?
The classes will be delivered in plaza de la merced, Málaga centro.

What do I do now?
If you are interested in The EOI 120 Workout, then please complete the following contact form and we will email you as soon as possible.


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