C1 English E-Buy Guides

C1 General English Guides

  1. C1 Building Blocks: Writing & Speaking

This 16 page guide will give you advice on:

  1. Grammatical structures & language functions
  2. How to express general statements, and personal opinions
  3. Useful vocabulary, expressions and idioms
  4. Useful adverbial phrases and linkers
  5. How to ensure structure and coherence by using appropriate connectors, linkers and discourse markers

Why not take a sneak peak to see what you will get for your money?

  1. C1 ESOL English Guide Writing and Speaking Support

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For the price of a coffee and a muffin: 4:50€ we will email you:

  1. A copy of the 16 page guide (pdf)
  2. Positive vibes and good vibrations!

To buy the C1 English Building Blocks Writing and Speaking guide, please contact us.

Inglés Málaga works in partnership with ESOL examiners and students in order to develop practical guides to help people pass English language exams. So, why not take a look at some other Inglés Málaga How-to guides. However, if you can´t find what you are looking for, or if you don´t have a PayPal account drop us a line; we love to help.

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