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We have over a decade of experience supporting people to pass English exams. We have developed some inexpensive guides to keep you on track.

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  1. Take a look at our guides to help with writing speaking ( different guides for different levels)
  2. Take a look at sample monólogos for the offical EOI exams ( audio & transcript)

Inma Rueda & Miguel González Rodríguez
Q&A – Developer: Freepik SL Málaga.
Curso: Plan Pan- En Pareja Cambridge PET B1

PASSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I´m over the moon. Thank you Janette. You are the best English teacher.


Breaking News English

If you haven’t already checked out this web resource, I would thoroughly recommend it. Breaking News English is a comprehensive website designed to help you improve your English language skills. It includes a wide variety of activities to keep your English in shipshape, and everything is current, so in addition to improving your language skills, you will keep up to date with current affairs. It´s a win-win situation.

Whatever your motivations are for improving your level, this site will address them. One huge advantage is that the recordings can be played at various speeds, so you can evaluate your listening comprehension independently. Furthermore, you can subscribe to the site, and receive instant messages in your email, or your RSS feed.

Celebrating achievements: Cambridge B1

Inglés Málaga is on cloud 9 to announce that Inma and Miguelito passed their Cambridge B1 English exam.

Inma and Miguelito worked their socks off to pass in record time, and they deserve this positive result.  I´m super proud of you both; you supported each other, studied independently, used my advice to improve your exam techniques, practised a lot of sample exam papers, and even recruited the superhero powers of Coma, their 4-legged friend, to stay focused.  You are the perfect team; you are winners!

The Cambridge B1 exam is changing in 2020, take your exam now before it changes.

Flash Sale: Training Guides to pass English Exams

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Work SMART, not hard! To help you stay on track, why not check out Inglés Màlaga exam training guides, and model answers? Our guides have been developed by native professional teachers, and they have been used by candidates who pass their exams. Easter Bunny Flash Sales ends 25th April.

In addition, if you want some face-to-face class time, we offer standard, intensive or boot camp courses in Málaga city centre. Passing exams is not easy; practice and using your ‘smarts’ is the key. https://inglesmalaga.com/e-buy/

What refugees need to start new lives – bring on AI

Be inspired with a Ted Talks!

Every minute, 20 people are newly displaced by climate change, economic crisis and political instability, according to the UNHCR. How can we help them overcome the barriers to starting new lives? TED Resident Muhammed Idris is leading a team of technologists, researchers and refugees to develop Atar, the first-ever AI-powered virtual advocate that guides displaced people through resettlement, helping restore their rights and dignity. “Getting access to the right resources and information can be the difference between life and death,” Idris says. Watch now!