Recycle unwanted goods and waste products

recycling containersNowadays, recycling waste products is second nature for most people. Seriously, it’s really not that hard to separate your rubbish into organic waste, glass, paper and plastic. However, according to the local council, we’re not that good at it. Indeed, a recent online article suggested that 30% of the stuff we recycle in Málaga has to be dumped as general waste as it’s contaminated. The council reports that, by far, the biggest problem is the incorrect recycling of broken drinking glasses and milk cartons. So, if you’re not sure, you had better check out the council’s advice for effective recycling.

Unfortunately, they don’t give you any productive information on how to recycle useless boyfriends; believe me, I checked!
ebayFurthermore, recycling doesn’t stop at waste products. Remember, you can donate unwanted items to charity or make some extra cash and sell them online. I did try to sell my boyfriend on ebay, but luckily for him, nobody placed a bet so he’s still for sale. If anyone is interested, drop me an email and please don’t worry about the cost; he’s as cheap as chips and we could arrange a deal whereby you return him if you’re not satisfied.

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