telecommunications CHANGES. I like changes.

I´ve been moving since I had common sense. I know that for people is difficult to leave their house, family, friends, schools, and so forth. My ski instructor says that Spanish people need to take roots. But now, in the Era of Telecommunications you don´t have to break these roots. You can be in contact through the phone, e-mail, mobile, sms, the internet and WhatsApp with everyone you want as much as or as little as you want.. Also, you can lose contact with someone whom you hate their guts. It is the best way to finish a bad relationship.

Certainly, when you move to another city you´ve to start over : new house, new friends, new life. But I like that as it makes my daily grind more interesting.

The best advantage of moving is to meet new people. You make a lot of new friends. So, my dear ski instructor, if I had never moved to Málaga, you wouldn´t have met this wonderful woman. So, please: Get a life!

Pick up your roots and break the barriers

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