Catalonia: a lawyer explains the charges brought against Carles Puigdemont

Pablo José Castillo Ortiz, lecturer in Spanish Law at the University of Sheffield reports:

For many weeks the situation in Catalonia had been extremely delicate. The Catalan government took the nuclear option when it issued a unilateral declaration of independence. For the Spanish government the retaliation was simple: using the constitution to take direct control of some competences of the Catalan government and parliament – usually devolved from Madrid.

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Catalonia: civil disobedience and where the secession movement goes now

Oscar Berglund, a senior teaching associate in public policy at the University of Bristol writes about the connection between breaking the law and the legitimacy of the law.  It´s a thought-provoking article, and a must-read if you are interested in current affairs:

As tension increases in Catalonia, there have been calls for widespread civil disobedience against the Spanish government. Even the recent referendum itself, along with its 2014 precursor, have been described as acts of civil disobedience.

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