What should I do when it´s boiling hot?

The summer is here, and OMG, it´s boiling hot. It´s definitely the season to hang up your trainers, throw on your bikini, dust off your cool box and spend as much time as possible at the beach.

Ok, if you aren´t a beach bum, don´t worry, you can take advantage of the outdoor summer cinema festival.

Shotgun beer

Shotgun-BeerA Shotgun beer describes the process of drinking a can of beer very quickly.

I studied for my degree in England and the USA and the reason I chose my specific degree was nothing to do with the subject matter, it was because I wanted to go to the USA to learn how to shotgun a beer. 
I can honestly say that living in the States and learning how to do this was one of my favourite experiences.  I also learnt how to do an upside down tequila slammer and thankfully, in spite of my party lifestyle, I did pass all my exams.

Flip flops

flip flopsFlip Flops are a type of shoe.  Often people wear them to the beach but I wear them all the time.

Interestingly, the first C.V. I sent to a company was written on a flip flop with the headline: ‘Janette O’Carroll is looking to change her shoes’.  My mother thought I was ‘barking mad’

As I said, these are my favourite type of footwear.  And, despite the fact that they are allegedly bad for my posture, thanks Toni for informing me of this, they truly are, in my opinion, one of the best modern inventions.  Ok, I know penicillin is great, as is the washing machine, and of course I couldn’t live without the Internet, neither my i-Pod, and I’m sure there is some benefit to space exploration.  However, come on; my money is on the humble FLIP FLOP. 

Come on, get fruity, get funky, go bananas with your flip flops.