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How Argentina´s blind soccer team became champions



With warmth and respect, Gonzalo Vilariño tells the captivating story of Argentina’s blind soccer team — and how a sincere belief in themselves and their capabilities transformed the players from humble beginnings into two-time World Champions. “You have to get out there and play every game in this beautiful tournament that we call life,” Vilariño says. (In Spanish with English subtitles)



joggingOne of my New Year’s resolutions is to get in shape by jogging. The problem is, I really can´t stand running, so I need some advice. What should I do to feel more motivated?

For example:

  1. Should I sign up for a race?
  2. Should I start running after attractive people?
  3. Ought I to get a jogging buddy? Help!

Come on Ireland. Ireland, Ireland, Ireland.

Come on Ireland, you can qualify. Goals for Ireland!

Paralympics: prepare to be inspired

paralympicsThe 2016 Rio Paralympics have already begun and if you are not inspired by these amazing athletes then, undoubtedly, you  are as dead as a dodo!

Once again I’m glued to the TV and although, generally speaking, it’s definitely more rewarding to do sport than to watch sport, not watching some of the Paralympic events would be a major error in judgement.

If you want to follow the games and improve your level of English at the sane time,  I’d highly recommend following the BBC coverage.

Janette’s over the moon

Olympic MedalsJanette is over the moon: Juan passed his Cambridge exam and Team GB have overtaken China.  Today is a delicious day!

The Olympics come once every 4 years and we should all bow down in awe at every competitor who made it to the Games.  Only a handful of people truly understand what it means to be an Olympic athlete and I am inspired.

Team GB, Team Spain and Team O’Carroll have medals!

ocarroll olympics 2016Unfortunately, the Rio 2016 Olympics started under a fog of controversial issues: the doping allegations against the Russian Olympic team, the spread of the life-threatening Zika virus, a political scandal and an economic slump.  On the contrary, the traditional O’Carroll Olympic Games started with our favourite summer drinks: chilled white wine, and Pimms and lemonade.  The weather was glorious and the battle to stand on the podium with a gold medal was fierce.   I won gold at croquet but unfortunately was disqualified in my other event. So, none of my family are athletes, but thankfully, all of us are good sports and amazingly talented at being childish and stupid!

Enjoy the real Olympics!

Talking about working out is definitely a no go zone!

work out

Despite the fact, that many people can spend hours and hours talking about football, it has to be said, that nobody is interested in hearing about your workout.

For example, despite the fact that I’m naturally a couch potato with a sweet tooth, I do try to work out at my local gym 5 times a week. My workout usually consists of  some cardiovascular stuff (cycling or running on a treadmill) some free weights and some pilates. Over the last few weeks I have been working out harder than usual and I was so over the moon with my efforts that I emailed some close friends in the UK to tell them all about physical achievements. Imagine my surprise when I received this photo and one sentence that said: ”Don’t bother me telling me about your sweat, what about the eye candy?”

Seriously, some of my friends are skin deep and they are about as profound as a limp lettuce leaf!

What makes a sport a sport?

dressageWith the 2016 Olympics around the corner many people are already asking the question: What makes a sport a sport? 

So, for example: By definition, dressage is ”the the art of riding and training a horse in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility, and balance”.  My definition is: Posh people riding posh horses, striding, jumping and dancing to classical music around an arena.  Seriously, it’s ridiculous! If you haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about, then check out this video.

Finally, I ask you:  What makes a sport a sport, and, what makes a sport just pointless?

Music to improve performance

running musicIt is widely accepted that music plays a huge role in improving concentration and enhancing athletic performance.  In fact,  I have different play lists depending on the physical activity I’m doing.  So, when you are running, jogging, cycling or doing a general workout what tunes keep you going?

To work out

gym workoutThe phrasal verb to work out usually means to do physical exercise over a period of time in order to get or keep fit.

A workout, the noun, describes the specific physical exercise; for most people, a workout is connected to the things you might do at a gym.