To be keen on (something or somebody)

David BeckhamTo be keen on something or someone is used when you want to say that you like something, someone, or doing something.

For example:

  1. I am keen on David Beckham.  Well, truth be told, I love him.
  2. I am keen on reading novels, listening to rap music, singing in the shower and watching football.

A Few Fries Short of a Happy Meal

Hommer Fries short of a happy mealA Few Fries Short of a Happy Meal

Although this is an idiom from the United States of America, I do love it.

You use this idiom to describe someone you think is a bit ‘stupid’ or ‘mental’.  In England, we use this idiom: To be a sandwich short of a picnic.

My first love at university was definitely ‘a few fries short of a happy meal’.  He used to take a plastic bag full of leaves to clubs because he thought that they needed a bit of entertainment.   All my mates thought I was ‘a sandwich short of a picnic’ because I used to help him collect the leaves.

Happy Hour

happy hourHappy Hour describes a time in a bar or a club when you can get cheaper drinks.

Unfortunately, I spent my entire university life in pubs during happy hour. At the time, I thought I was saving money.  What I didn’t take into account was that maybe it would have been better to spend less time in the pubs and more time on my philosophy exams.   Having said that, I think philosophy drove me to the bars.

In my first year at university I can remember I had to write a 2000 word essay answering the question:  What is red?  I know, my lecturer was clearly pulling my leg!    And, I failed because I answered his question with these 8 words.  It is the colour of my favourite lipstick.