To log on and To log off

log onTo log on is the accurate phrasal verb we use when we begin to use a computer system by entering a password. To log off is to stop using a computer system.

You can also use the phrasal verb to sign in when you have an online account with a bank, a shop or an online service like spotify or gmail. You also sign in when you are a participant at a conference or an event. To sign in is when you write your name on a piece of paper.


To be hooked on someone or something

to be hooked onTo be hooked on something or someone means that you are passionate and enjoy doing something. In other words, you are addicted. In general, I’m hooked on eating chocolate. However, at the moment I’m hooked on Spotify, listening to the band Gayngs and someone called FM. And, this month I’m going to be hooked on the World Cup.


To spend a penny

spend a pennyTo spend a penny, is a common British idiom which means: to go to the toilet.

According to my grandparents, the word loo and toilet were vulgar, and the expression:’ go to the restroom’ was completely inaccurate, consequently they used to say.  ‘Please forgive me, but I must go and spend a penny’.

I know?!?  It wasn’t until I was in my teens that I understood what they were talking about.  However, more importantly, it costs 30 pennies nowadays. What a rip off!

As an aside, in Vietnam, the loo is called The Happy Room and in the Philippines it is called a Comfort Room.  I’m not saying anything, BUT, my definition of comfort is definitely not the same as it is in the Philippines.