Culture Vulture, Beach Bum or Adrenaline Junkie?

City Break CheapAre you a culture vulture, a beach bum or an adrenaline junkie?

Fancy a romantic city break to Paris, or maybe you would prefer a quick getaway to the peaceful mountains close to Granada?  If neither of them are your cup of tea, and you are more beach bum than culture vulture, then you might want to look for a last-minute beach holiday bargain.  Nowadays, getting away doesn’t cost an arm and leg.  There are tons of websites and no frills airlines offering you the chance to forget your daily problems and concentrate on chilling out and recharging your batteries.  Finally, it has to be said, if you don’t like going on holiday, then you need to seek medical attention or possibly book an appointment with a psychologist.

To fit like a glove

fit like a gloveTo fit like a glove is a common idiom which is usually connected to clothing.  It means that an item of clothing fits your body perfectly.

For example, last year I bought some new jeans in the sales they fit like a glove. However, more importantly, they were as cheap as chips.

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To make a pig’s ear of something!

Make a pig's ear“Make a pig’s ear of something” means “to do something badly”.

For example: As I am not a very practical person and definitely lack basic d.i.y skills, I always make a pig’s ear of painting, decorating, fixing the washing machine, hanging  pictures and assembling anything that I might have bought from Ikea.  How about you, what do you make a pig’s ear of?