How much? Is someone pulling my leg?!

House hunting is time-consuming and extremely stressful.  In addition, when you are broke, it is also thoroughly soul-destroying.  How do you get on the property ladder when you can´t get a mortgage, and you don´t want to live in matchbox?

285,000 euros, seriously, someone is pulling my leg!  This is what I call daylight robbery.  And, as importantly, what is the local council doing to ensure that cities provide affordable property for local residents?

As an aside, Edward Elgar is a well-known, and much-loved, British composer from the 20th century. He composed one of my all time classical favourites, so if you want to switch off, chill out and forget your daily problems, then why don´t you listen to Elgar´s Nimrod; it is a life-affirming piece which will warm even hearts made of stone.

Looking at buildings can actually give people headaches – here’s how

As a city girl, under no circumstances would I move to the countryside; there is just too much nature in the countryside.  However, have you ever considered the alleged fact that looking at buildings can be bad for your health?  No, you´ve never considered it.  Well, neither had I until I read a thought-provoking scientific article on the brilliant online publication: The ConversationCheck it out here.


Pain in the purse challenge: Buy a flat

cost an arm and a leg2015 was supposed to be the year I moved house.  Obviously, I failed!  So, for the last few months I’ve been looking at the property market with the intention of buying and so far I have made two observations. Firstly, How much? And secondly, how much I love living in the historical centre. So, this pain in the purse challenge is definitely going to take stamina, determination and hopefully the A Team are going to come to my rescue because at the moment I’m losing hope!

the hills are aliveIndeed, my bank manager has suggested that I move to Mongolia where house prices are as cheap as chips.  However, I’m never going ‘to get on’ in a country where the economy relies on herding and agriculture; I mean, that’s something to do with sheep and vegetables.  OMG, I admire farmers, but no,  the hills are NOT alive with the sound of music!