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EOI B2 & C1 Summer Success Stories: Well done Inma & Cristina!

While most people were at the beach sunbathing, or avoiding jellyfish, Cristina and Inma were busy preparing to resit their EOI exams.  Passing an exam requires effort and determination, an effective exam strategy, and a lot of practice. Consequently, I´m on cloud 9 to say that both Cristina and Inma passed their exams. It´s time to celebrate success!

Are you preparing for the official Escuela Oficial de Idiomas exams: B1, B2, C1? If the answer is yes, then The EOI 120 Workout will help you prepare for the speaking exam.




Inglés Málaga Pasapalabra Twister is a word game which will liberate your mind, improve your vocabulary, and ensure you laugh your pants off.

Can you describe a crazy octopus playing the drums? Do you have the linguistic dexterity to express a happy pirate frying fish? Can you help your team win the Inglés Málaga Pasapalabra Twister trophy?

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be an Inglés Málaga Pasapalabra Twister contestant, and improve your English communication skills at the same time, why not take part in an Inglés Málaga Pasapalabra Twister event?

To apply to be an Inglés Málaga Pasapalabra Twister contestant, please complete the contact form or email Janette, Senior Pasapalabra Twister Sister: info.inglesmalaga@gmail.com


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Inglés Málaga Cluedo Suspects is a murder mystery game which will test your English language skills. You will use your investigative skills, improve your vocabulary, and ensure that, at least, one murderer is off the streets of Málaga.

Everyone suspects you. But, did you really do it? You are convinced that you were nowhere near the hall. Moreover, you have never even laid an eyeball on Miss Scarlet. And, as you are a little bit twisted, your weapon of choice would certainly have been a rope.

Are the police officers complete nutjobs?

Do you have the deductive powers and linguistic abilities to work out the clues, solve the murder, and prove your innocence?

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be an Inglés Málaga Cluedo Suspect, and you want to improve your English communication skills in an entertaining way, why not take part in an Inglés Málaga´s Cluedo Suspect event?

To apply to be an Inglés Málaga Cluedo Suspect, please complete the contact form or email Janette, Senior Nutjob Police officer: info.inglesmalaga@gmail.com


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EOI English C1 Exam Success: Congratulations Lola!

The summer is nearly over, the kids are preparing to go back to school, and here at Inglés Málaga we are celebrating the success and achievement of summer clients.

Congratulations Lola, you have passed your EOI C1 level exams. ! You gave your brain a severe mental workout during your intensive prorammeand  I am chuffed to bits for you

So, what do Inglés Málaga clients say about us? Well, read a few testimonials and you´ll get a good idea.

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With the Inglés Málaga Speed Dating event there is no better way to practise your abilities to ask and answer questions in English.

If I went speed dating, these would be my questions:

  1. Do you have a passport?
  2. Do you have a pet?
  3. If you had to be an animal, would you be an ant or an anteater?
  4. If you could be a superhero, who would you be?
  5. It is said that smart phones make smart people dumb, and dumb people smart. Would you agree?
  6. According to the popular film character Forest Gump, ”life is a like a box of chocolates”. So, with this in mind, are you a strawberry delight, or a chocolate toffee finger?
  7. How often do you talk about food, and say: ”mmmm…..yummy” when you eat?

If you want to take part in an Inglés Málaga speed dating event in order to practise your English, ( we are not a pick-up-joint) then please send an email to Janette, Senior Speed Dating Director: info.inglesmalaga@gmail.com


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A-levels vs the International Baccalaureate: which makes a more rounded student?

Lecturer in Education, University of Bath

Few would disagree that a good education means more than just exam results. The benefits of non-academic experiences – from sports competitions, charity events, or school plays – have been shown to lead to more than just happy memories.

Evidence shows that taking part in extracurricular activities can support academic attainment, even into adulthood, as well as bringing personal benefits such as social skills, improved well-being, and self-confidence.

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Will the company hire you?

The power of nepotism!

To chew the fat!

Chewing the fat with friends, family members and strangers is a common pastime for most people. To chew the fat means to talk with someone in an informal and friendly way.  For instance: Last weekend, my mates and I, sat in a bar and chewed the fat until the early hours.

England are through to the semi-finals

It wasn´t a dream, it wasn´t a hallucination: the England football club are through to the 2018 World Cup semi-finals.  It´s a huge effort, it´s an enormous achievement, and considering that last time this happened was in 1990, I have every right to feel dizzy with excitement and hope for a stunning semi-final victory.

I watched the match with a group of young English lads who were fresh-faced, just out of high-school, and innocent of the years of heartache that the majority of English football fans have experienced over the last three decades.  They truly believed that England could do it.  I, on the other hand, willed myself to quash the stomach-wrenching feeling that England would, once again, under-perform.

So, the fear of defeat is broken, and I thank every single one of those lads who helped me to ride the exhilarating wave of football emotion. Come on England!

World Cup quarter-finals 2018

The World Cup 2018 tournament has been dramatic.  I have seen some brilliant football and some awful football.  I have watched high-ranking world-class teams crash out of the tournament during the group stages and three agonising penalty shootouts. As a sport lover and a huge football fan, it´s simply impossible to describe the illogical emotions that you go through when you watch and will your team to perform to the very best of their ability.  It´s a raw emotion, that  brings out the very best, and the very worst in people.

In general, I´m crazy about watching football because you get lost in the moment, cognitive reasoning is thrown out of the window, nothing outside of the pitch matters, and for a brief moment, you allow yourself to believe that anything is possible.  Come on England, I believe.