C2 EOI Inglés: Vocabulary Dialogo

C2 ingles EOI: Vocabulary. So, in a nutshell, at C2 you are expected to be able to talk coherently and fluently about any given topic. As you don’t know what topic you’re gonna get, best use your limited time to gem up on some reusable phrases and expression. Here are a few that aren’t too complicated to apply in many dialogue situations.

C2 EOI ingles. Develop templates to support exam success: https://inglesmalaga.com/support…/eoi-ingles-guias/

C2 EOI ingles vocabulary

C2 EOI inglés: Enter the lab rats!

C2 EOI inglés: La Junta never fails to demonstrate the depths of their stupidity. As I have said for many a year, they’re a sandwich short of a picnic, and a few fries short of a happy meal. So, let’s make it crystal clear, am I right in thinking that no models of the exam have been published? Nobody knows the format, the timing or the number of words for the writing and mediation tasks? And, perhaps worst of all, no standard has been set for the new assessment descriptors. All in all, it’s a complete dog’s dinner!

Having said that, I’ve been working on an EOI C2 exam technique to help you, the ‘lab rats’, survive this meaningless experiment. Additionally, I’ve set up a C2 EOI FaceBook group so we can all cry together!

In the meantime, why not take a look at my C1 guides as it could be argued that you’ll pass the C2 exam with them.

Finally, La Junta, why not employ me to give you a helping hand? I know that the Big Tech 5, unscrupulously use the general public to do their testing free of charge, but seriously, we don’t have to follow suit: Consult- Design-Develop-Test-Consult-Improve -Test-Improve-Train- Rollout!