School is a back-up plan!

For millions of young people around the world, living with autism is challenging enough without also having to deal with the prejudices of others.

Australian Hamish Finlayson is using his own experience of the condition to change perceptions of autism and increase awareness among his peers. The 13-year-old builds apps and games that help players better understand what it’s like to live with autism.

Many of this youngest generation, having grown up with technology, are building their own software to help spread awareness for many issues, from anxiety and mental health to cyberbullying. Finlayson is one of these bright sparks using his coding gift for the greater good.

Improve your English listening comprehension, and your general knowledge by listening to his story.

Janette at Inglès Màlaga says happy festive holidays

Janette would like to wish all her clients and the larger international Inglés Málaga community a very fun and jolly festive season.

It has been a challenging, fun and rewarding 2017. We have improved our English language skills to achieve a lot of personal and professional objectives, including, passing official exams, getting better-paid jobs, setting up businesses, and emigrating abroad.  In addition, the Inglés Málaga community has got engaged, got married and had children.  And, last but not least, our language skills have enabled us to help lost tourists, translate for patients in hospital, and break down geographic, religious, cultural and political barriers. Inglés Málaga clients are not average, they are exceptional.

On a personal note, I have learnt a lot more than I have taught, and without a shadow of a doubt my life is infinitely richer as a result of my clients.  Thank you, it is an honour working with you all!

Flights cancelled as Monarch Airlines goes into administration

Sur in English reports:

Alternative flights are being arranged for British holidaymakers due to fly out of Malaga airport in the next two weeks
The company ceased trading as of Monday, leaving as many as 110,000 tourists abroad without a flight back to the UK.

The UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has said that it will provide alternative flights for the 110,000 tourists left stranded by the collapse of Monarch Airlines. Many of them are on the Costa del Sol.

As from today, Monday, Monarch Airlines ceased trading and entered administration said the CAA, cancelling all future flights and holidays.

The British Government, who through the CAA will provide alternative flights for all UK-bound flights until 15 October, has described the operation as the “biggest ever peacetime repatriation” as its prepares “to fly 110,000 Monarch passengers back to the UK at no cost to them”.

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George is British: He likes tea, rain and David Beckham

English GeorgeSo, how do non-native British people view English people?

This is George. George is typically English, and for this reason he likes tea. He eats fish and chips and he uses red buses.  Because George is English he likes to say these words: ‘splendid, spiffing and cheerio’.

George likes the British winter because it is grey, cold and wet. He likes the British summer because it is grey, cold and wet. His favourite British man is David Beckham, and his favourite British woman naturally, is The Queen. However, what does George like the most? Watch this video to find out.

By the way, Janette is British, she also likes David Beckham but she’s not very keen on  tea; she prefers vodka and wine.  She’s a vegetarian so she doesn’t eat fish but she does love chips.  She likes to say the words: ‘ a bottle of san miguel please!’ Finally, she can’t stand the word: ‘ spiffing’ because it’s just too posh!

The British Flag: The Union Jack

The Union JackThe Union Jack is the national flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is formed by combining the red and white crosses of St George, St Andrew, and St Patrick and retaining the blue background of the flag of St Andrew.

If you want to read more about the history of the Union Jack and find out why The Welsh flag wasn’t included, then click here.

The British are a diverse, multi-national and multi-cultural society, with strong regional accents, expressions and identities. The social structure of the United Kingdom has changed radically since the nineteenth century, largely as a result of  the decline in religious observance, the enlargement of the middle classes, and an increase in ethnic diversity.

The population of the UK is about 62.5 million, with a British Diaspora of around 140 million concentrated in Australia, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong, New Zealand and the United States.  OMG, 140 million of us!

Malaga – Networking for entrepreneurs – Networking y emprendedores en Malaga

Monday July 01st  – 8pm

Location El Jardin: Calle del Císter, 4 29015, Málaga

Click here for more information

  • Are YOU getting what you want out of YOUR business?

    Dear Entrepreneurs,

    Come and join us this Monday and bring your vision forward at greater speed by positioning your EXPERT status to help YOU become THE brand LEADER of choice in your industry.

    Why should you come??

    • To get connections you need to move your business to the next level.
    • To get and share great ideas.
    • To simply have fun with great like-minded entrepreneurs.
    Please feel free to invite your friends, colleagues and business partners to the event and tell those who you think might be interested by simply forwarding this information to them.

    All sectors of business welcome.

    We look forward to seeing you!

    Queridos Emprendedores,

    Hemos decidido hacer este evento para poder conocer gente con mentalidad empresarial y poder ampliar su conocimiento en diversos campos.

    Hacer “networking” forma parte de esa segunda tarea. Una parte muy importante de los eventos es unir personas y negocios para crear así nuevas oportunidades.

    En este evento podremos compartir algunos puntos básicos que pueden marcar la diferencia a la hora de tener éxito como emprendedores.

    Espero que podáis atender todos e invitar a amigos y familiares.