To stand out from the crowd

stand out from the crowdTo stand out from the crowd is a positive and inspirational idiom used to explain that a person or people are special or out of the ordinary because they do things differently from other people.

It’s also the business slogan I chose for Inglés Málaga because in my book Inglés Málaga clients and the wider Inglés Málaga community are pretty extraordinary. Yes, that’s correct, you stand out from the crowd and that’s a great and beautiful thing!

In addition, you can use this idiom for things and places as well. So, in your book, who or what stands out from the crowd?

To get cold feet

To get cold feet is an idiom which means that you feel too frightened to do something that you had previously planned to do.

cosmopolita barSo for example, many moons ago I wanted to steal a few shop signs from Málaga’s high street ( Calle Larios) and although I developed a plan to commit this crime I got cold feet when my best friend told me that if I were caught by the police, there was a strong possibility that I would receive a prison sentence for my efforts!  Yep, not good!

However, and perhaps more worryingly, my best friend always gets cold feet when we plan to go skinny dipping at the Malaguetta because he thinks the water is so dirty that we might contract dysentery!

When do you get cold feet?

What is a cough, a sneeze and a runny nose?

Where is my wife?

In yesterday’s post I pretended to be a doctor, however as a result of being ‘told off’ by my sister for prescribing such a ridiculous treatment, I’ve decided to follow her advice and ‘hang up’ my doctor’s uniform.  So, what are the common symptoms of a cold:

  1. Head – a pain:  headache
  2. Nose – too much water: runny nose
  3. Forehead – hot and wet: fever or a temperature
  4. Throat- pain: a sore throat
  5. Mouth- exploding air out of you mouth:  a cough
  6. Nose – exploding air out of your nostrils: a sneeze
  7. Nose – can’t breathe: Congested nose or blocked up

If you want to learn more vocabulary connected to health and colds then please watch this 4 minute video.

How not to catch a cold.

Headache, runny nose, temperature

A recent medical research study reported that:

 Doing regular exercise, eating fruit, avoiding stress and having a wife, girlfriend or mother to look after you seemed to reduce the frequency of colds.

I have one response, 1 question and 1 clarification to make:

  • Response: No……Really!!
  • Question: Did the researchers get paid for this revolutionary finding?
  • Clarification: I ‘made up’ the part about the wife, girlfriend or mother.

Well, although I’m sure the researchers know what they are talking about, I have some recommendations of my own.

Dr.  Janette’s tips for avoiding catching a cold:

  1. Don’t get up – EVER.
  2. Don’t go to a doctor’s surgery – ill people go there.
  3. Don’t ‘google’ your symptoms; you will definitely have some strange, unpronounceable, tropical disease.  Failing that, there will be nothing wrong with you and you will feel disappointed.
  4. Take a lot, A LOT OF paracetamol.  If you have ‘run out of’ paracetamol and don’t want to leave your bed,  I have noticed that a HUGE slice of chocolate cake is a good substitute.
  5. Drink hot whiskey.  Now, be very careful, if you drink boiling whiskey, you will burn your tongue. In addition, you will ruin the flavour and be ‘throwing money down the toilet’.
  6. Recite I will not catch a cold at least 50 times a day.  If you can do this to some disco tunes, the effect will be stronger.  Your immune system will be invincible!!  Slow rock ballads and flamenco don’t work!
  7. Make friends with doctors and nurses

 NB: LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Obviously I’m not a qualified doctor so please exercise your own judgement when measuring the amount of whiskey you are drinking, or when turning up your disco tunes.  Amazingly, another research study I recently read suggested that listening to loud music can damage your hearing.   Gosh, these researchers are very clever!!

If you are interested in reading the full study then click here: