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EOI English B2 Exam Success: Congratulations Isabel and Fran!

I started the week with a massive smile on my face, but I have ended the working week feeling like a kid in toy shop.

Forget calm and congratulate Isabel and Fran on passing their B2 EOI English exams.

I am chuffed to bits for you!

So, what do Inglés Málaga clients say about us? Well, read a few testimonials and you´ll get a good idea.

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EOI English Exam Success:Congratulations Adriana!

Passing any exam is never easy.  It takes hard work, determination and developing an exam technique that works for you.

So, this morning, I would like to congratulate Adriana for passing her Escuela Oficial de Idiomas exam in English; congratulations, celebrate your progress- celebrate your massive achievement.

I am extremely, extremely proud of you!