Hobbies that pay: dog walking

dogwalkingIf you are mental enough to like dogs, you could make some spare cash by walking them. I know, definitely not my cup of tea. But hey, don’t mock it, it’s a full-time profession in countries like the USA and it’s becoming more popular in the UK.

Lots of people want to have little and big pooches to cuddle; to act as chick and guy magnets in the park; and to talk to when nobody else can be bothered to listen to them. However, in our increasingly busy lives, nobody has the time to take their four-legged pets for regular walks.

Most dog walkers charge between $10 and $18 per walk, depending on location and number of dogs, and overnight dog sitting can cost an arm and a leg.

So, if you need some extra cash, why not try to start this enterprise in Málaga?

What makes a sport a sport?

dressageWith the 2016 Olympics around the corner many people are already asking the question: What makes a sport a sport? 

So, for example: By definition, dressage is ”the the art of riding and training a horse in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility, and balance”.  My definition is: Posh people riding posh horses, striding, jumping and dancing to classical music around an arena.  Seriously, it’s ridiculous! If you haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about, then check out this video.

Finally, I ask you:  What makes a sport a sport, and, what makes a sport just pointless?

To drink like a fish

To drink like a fishTo drink like a fish is a common idiom which means to drink a lot and in excess.

That’s right, sometimes it’s great to have a civilised glass of wine but sometimes it’s heavenly to drink like a fish and crawl home on your hands and knees; or better still, stop a policeman and ask him to escort you home in his police car with the sirens going nee nor, nee nor, nee nor.

To have ants in your pants

To have ants in your pants!  –  Tener hormigas en los pantalones

ants-in-pantsWhat does this idiom mean? ‘To be super, super, super excited’

Ok, I serioulsy have ants in my pants.  My friends are flying into Málaga and we have a rock ‘n’ roll getaway planned: there will be cycling,  rock climbing, jacuzzi, hip wiggling to live music and definitely a lot of eating and drinking and perhaps some falling over. And, luckily for me, none of my friends are keen on shopping or cooking.  So, what’s in my suitcase?  Credit card, aspirin, aspirin, aspirin, vitamins and a bottle of wine for the journey.  Perfect, I’m in 7th  heaven!

People and Places Video: Meeting Penguins

penguinsAccording to scientists penguins who depend on ice for their survival are declining in numbers because of climate change – the sea ice is melting and the penguins are losing the ice they need to build their nests on. Listen to their story.

You can also read the transcript if you need help to understand the interview.