Who, What, Where, Why, When, Which, Whose, How long, How much, How many, How often…….. WHAT?

Do you have brown hair? Did you go to the beach at the weekend? Do you like to drink mojitos in the moonlight? Can you speak English? Can you do a jig?  Would you quit work if you won the lottery? Would you like to buy a hamburger?

OMG, I’m exhausted; what’s it all about?  Or, as they say in the USA: What’s the deal with this? Or, as they say in Yorkshire: What are you on about?

YES, I know, it’s a disaster; we’re talking GRRRRRRRRRRRAMMAR, especially the grammar for making questions.

Who Person Who is the President of the USA?
What Thing What do you like doing?
Where Place Where do you live?
Why Reason Why are you learning English?
When Time When does the next train leave for Cadiz?
Which Choice Which newspaper do you read, El Paiz or The Beano?
Whose Possession Whose pen is it?
How long Distance How long is your hair?
How much Quantity – uncountable How much money do you have?
How many Quantity – countable How many children have you got?
How often Frequency How often do you go to the cinema?

If you have any doubts about making a question, or want to review the rules, then click here:  Questions Oct 2012



To practise asking questions Inglés Malaga clients were challenged to interview Janette.

Here is the interview:

Q1: How old is she? A: I thought that question was coming!I was 4 or 5 when the picture was taken.  I am oldER now.

Q2: Is she a girl or a doll? A: I’m a girl.  Interestingly, when I was a child I hated ( couldn’t stand) dolls, and if I was given one I would burn it, or tear it apart, or throw it in the bin.

Q3: Where was the picture taken? A: The photograph was taken at my grandparent’s house.

 Q4: What is she looking at? Maybe a chocolate cake or is her birthday? A:  It was my birthday, and I as looking at CAKE, but it was a coffee cake.  Even as a child, I was addicted to caffeine.

 Q5: Does she have her milk teeth yet? A: HAHAHAHAHA – yes!

Q6: What about her eyes, are they real? A: HAHAHAHAHAHAAH yes, my eyes are real.  In fact, because my eyes are so big, some of my best friends call me YODA. 


Q7: Which country would you advise people to visit?  A: My county hot spots are Sri Lanka, Nepal and Mexico.  Having said that, I love Egyptian temples and I had the best Christmas ever in Belize.

Q8: What is the worst job you have ever had? A:  I started working when I was 13, so I have had a lot of jobs. Before it was legal, I used to babysit and I had a paper round.  When I was of legal age, I got an evening job in a supermarket and at the weekend I worked in a café and in a sweet shop. I have been a waitress, a check out girl, a chef’s assistant and a leaflet distributor.  I have picked apples, pears and avocadoes.  I have worked on a turkey farm and in a plastic factory, but the worst of the worst was when I worked in a sandwich factory.  My job was to put a leaf of lettuce in a sandwich for 8 hours a day, 6 days a week.  I lasted 2 weeks.

Q9: Are you coming back for Christmas?  A:  No mummy (!!!!) I’m not.

Q10: Why are you a vegetarian? A: I haven’t eaten meat since I worked with turkeys.

 Thanks for all your questions!!


1. Nicole Adams: Boxer

2. Jon Allen-Butterworth: Cyclist

3. Claire Cashmore: Swimmer


What was my job?

Dina is a friend of mine.  She’s also an English language teacher in Málaga, but she used to have a very different profession. What was her job?

Ask 5 QUESTION WORD questions and 5 YES / NO questions to find out what job she used to have.  Ask your questions in the Leave a Reply box and she’ll answer them for you.


1. Interview with actor, Antonio Banderos. Banderos talks back

2. Interview with actress Angelina Joli. Joli talks back

3. Interview with Olympic Track Cyclist, Victoria Pendelton. Pendleton talks back

In this video clip Victoria talks about how cycling is in her blood and what it means for her to take part in Sport.  Your challenge is to work out ( to guess) what 3 questions she was asked. Leave a comment in the Reply box.



Can you talk about the following topics for 1 minute?

  1. You family
  2. Your hobbies – present and past?
  3. Your neighborhood and the place you grew up?
  4. Your job and professional experience?
  5. Your studies and your dream job?
  6. Your best / worst holiday?
  7. The Internet, websites, social networking sites?
  8. Entertainment: books, TV, films, music?


Answering job interview questions can be a nightmare.  However with a little preparation and planning it can become much easier.  Our Guest Blogger, Manolo, wrote a lot about this topic.  Save time and read about his experiences:

If you are looking for work, would you be able to answer the most common interview questions and give specific examples?  You don’t know what the most common interview questions are, no problem:

  1. If you are an Ingés Málaga client, download some sample questions here:Downloads
  2. If you are not an Inglés Málaga client, then check out the website. MockQuestions

Free is a UK based online dating company. If you want to improve your vocabulary, their website:  is great place to spend 10 minutes.

Also, if you want to improve your writing technique, try and write a personal profile about yourself with less than 75 words. What type of person are you?

Here are two examples:

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